Dog Smell Removal

Hello All.
Could anyone point me in the direction of removing the smell of dog (previous owner) from my fabric upholstery?
Many Thanks

Hi, It will probably have to be wet vac’d. Include all the carpets and also do the roof lining as well. Put a deodorizer in the wet vac solution. You can either let it dry naturally or use a dehumidifier if available. When dry see how it smells and if still there use Fabreeze and spray onto carpets and upholstery. It might also pay to scrub all the plastics as well.

Thanks very much. Sounds like job for professional

You could try an odor bomb (its what i use for cars i purchase from auction) see here…

Alternatively give the car a good vac and clean the interior surfaces over with some g101 then get an ozone generator and leave it plugged in overnight (again I use one of these on a regular basis)

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Just get a dog and then you won’t notice it :rofl:


One of the best comments for a while.
Far from helpful but funny!
:laughing: :+1:

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We’ve had Golden Retrievers for years and use Neutradol Original in the cars and in the house. They are the best thing we have ever found to get rid of the smell.

Personally I wouldn’t buy a car from someone who smelled like a dog. :nauseated_face:


Sorry I just couldn’t resist!

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As mentioned already…Wet Vac of the seats and Carpets. Use a good quality Fabric Solution and add some Bicarb in it . When dried use an AirCon Bomb with the Aircon on Recirculation and its should be good to go.

Thanks for the replies even those thought to be funny by the writer :smile:. It looks like the air con is the culprit, but I will give the interior a good clean and try an aircon cleaner.
Thanks Again


Good man👍

If it’s the air con, an air con bomb is definitely the way to go. You normally leave the system on recirculate for 10+ mins. I don’t know how accessible the pollen filter is on any mark of 5, but if easy to get to I’d leave it out whilst your bombing the aircon, and consider replacing it with a new one.

Seats, carpets and roof liner can be dealt with by a fabric deodouriser like Febreeze in the first instance, if this fails then it’ll be the wet vac suggested by others.

White vinegar is got for getting rid of odours.

My old citroen had a dog smell when i first got it, i ended up swapping the whole interior with one from a crashed car that we were getting rid of. :grinning:

After a thorough vacuum, I used foam upholstery cleaner and foam carpet cleaner, and then splashed some of my sons really pungent aftershave all over the carpets, not the ideal procedure but still smells OK. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I was wondering where the filter was?

Not sure about the newer ones but the mk1 and 2 don’t have pollen filters.

No pollen filters fitted on Mk3.5/ 3.75.

Thanks. Saves me looking for the filter :smile: