Drivers Central Locking NC - Actuator technical info

The central locking failed on the drivers door about 5 years ago, so I fitted a used actuator.
Ive just been out and its blooming failed again.
It makes no sense why its the drivers side, I mean the passenger side has operated just as many times.

I can buy a genuine new Mazda oem part locally for £120, so I’ll probably go down this route.
However, I’ll not settle until I’ve tried to fix this, eventually parts will be obsolete, and we’re all stuffed.

It seems mine originally failed in 2016, and I recall around that time @mickap posted an image of the actuator opened up.

I don’t suppose you still have the images…. Tall order I know.

Here we are, found them…

I read in the old thread where you said that the case isn’t glued, so I opened mine up before I saw these images, and found exactly what the problem is.
Water ingress.
What gets me, the car only ever gets wet when it’s washed and that might be twice per year. It’s garaged all year round and only comes out when the sun shines.
Although it did spend about 5 days outside last week while I had my garage roof repaired.

But still having said all that, if water was to get in anywhere, how on earth did it get in the central locking module, this is on the inside of the door frame, and secondly, how did it get exactly on the motor terminals.

What I do recall, is back in 2016, when I installed the used actuator, I had a bizarre issue. Where the car would lock/unlock/lock/unlock and I diagnosed this down to the unused wires which operates the internal door locking switch (not fitted in the uk), so maybe the fault has been present for the last 5 years, and a few days outside last week finished it off.

I cleaned up the motor with vinegar and electrical contact cleaner, and got it so it would lock, but couldn’t get it to unlock.

MX5 City are in the village and they have an offer on a brand new oem part, imported from Japan at £120, so I just bought a new one.

When I fitted the new one, I couldn’t get this to lock either, until I’d fully connected all the linkages,

when Id messed with the old one, I didn’t connect ll the linkages, I just tried it on the garage floor, so maybe I actually fixed it, but I’m not taking everything apart again to find out.
It’s in now, and it’s fixed.

Yep that looks to be the cause of your failure.
Anyways glad you got fixed up with one, a reasonable price that.
My SH one cost £25 delivered a few years ago, I think that price on eBay has more than doubled now, if they can be found.

It looks like the same motorised part is used on Mazda 6, 2 and rx8, so if the worst comes to the worst it may be possible to cobble one up from parts of other cars.

For the record, I identified the motor part number to be 1021313.
Available for about £12 on aliexpress, delivered to the uk.

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A bit more info for the record and future search ability.
The plastic motorised part has a part number of A92-SPL-R- (Or L depending on which side).
These show up better in a google search, and are fitted to various Mazda models, not just the mx5

I’m going to tinker with the faulty one once the weather warms up, so I’ll post more info as and when I find anything.
I’m sure that someone will find it handy in the future.

Whilst difficult to read on the image, I’ll make a note on here of the lower number being A8782


I opened up this motor and its well and truly beyond saving.
But I found some more info.
The Mazda small motor number is 20115, which when googling cross referees to 1021313

The aliexpress link below could expire at any time.


I honestly suspect the actuator was probably faulty when I fitted it 6 years ago, and it’s just finally failed.
I had a bizzare issue where it would randomly lock and then unlock and go through this never ending cycle.
Anyhow, considering that these things are either expensive new, or becoming rare used, I thought that documenting anything I find may eventually come in handy for someone else, or even me should the passenger side fail at some point.