ERIC my mk3.5 metropolitan grey sport tech.....the story so far !!

Looking good! 


We seem to have similar ideas - I’ve gone the other way though, pics once fitted in October… 


Looking good! 


We seem to have similar ideas - I’ve gone the other way though, pics once fitted in October… 




thanks rob,

 you mean the "professional " way 

booked in for test 

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Hi bally3,

Been following your updates with interest, and admire the improvements you have made. Looking to get my wheels sorted this winter, and would be interested to know your sprayer.Price is amazing when you consider a quote I had the other day ie. “ oh it’s a MX5 is it. Wheels get really bad. I recon about £125 a wheel all in”.!!! Be happy to travel a little bit further to get the job done right, and Barnsley is fine.Cheers Mate.

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the wheels are powder coated by this company from Royston , they do a great job and will even do drive in drive out service ,

Thanks very much for getting back to me so promptly, it’s much appreciated.I certainly like the idea of a drive in drive out service, but obviously it’s not essential.

so ERIC went for his mot test on friday …and failed 

the tester said there was a "slight damp patch " on the joint between the flexi pipe and the calliper on the n/s/f brake , 

so saturday morning it was stripped , cleaned , new crush copper washer fitted, brakes bled … 



took him back this afternoon and all good              FULL TEST TIL  09 DECEMBER 2020

a ride out to “the motorist” at sherburn yesterday 

a new place , i’ve not been to before , lots of nice cars , mx5’s . ,  mini’s . , merc’s . , bmw’s 

a little pic of the underneath 


so ERIC  has gone " darn sarf" with his new owner today 

Someone has got an extremely nice and well sorted car .

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Shame that the car’s gone - hopefully the new owner appreciates it as much as you did. 

Can I ask why you decided to move it on in the end?

What’s next, another 5 or a break away?

hi rob ,
the new owner loved it ,
he came from south end on sea for it (200+ miles each way )
the reason i sold it is "family issues " , requiring “bank of dad” ,
its only a weekend toy , kids come first …
there will always be another car …and yes it will be another 5 .
hopefully things sorted by the summer and i’ll be out hunting for another.
i’ll still be lurking on here , just without my 5

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Thank God for that  can’t see you not in a 5 Geoff! 


mk1 mariner blue           SOLD
mk3 starlight silver         SOLD
mk3 galaxy grey             SOLD
mk3 true red,                 SOLD
mk2.5 sunlight silver       SOLD
mk3.5 metropolitan grey SOLD

MX5 ???    

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I wonder how ERIC is getting on ??
Hopefully still running well and with the prices as they are , worth more now than when I sold it :red_car::red_car::red_car::red_car:

You’ve sold too many good cars Geoff :-1:

Guessing you’re without an MX-5 ATM?

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True mick :face_exhaling:
Always looking :eyes::eyes:
Undecided atm …. Audi TT or another ‘5

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Get a caravan Geoff :thinking: :joy:


TT is a lovely car. Mine is Sorned whilst I play with the Mx5. Both are not money pits and cost less that 8k for the pair. The coupe with the useless back seats down is a very practical car if you just have a dog and no kids….

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Had these since last post :face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:


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