**EXTRA EVENT ** SOLENT AREA- Simply Jap at Beaulieu, on Sunday 24th July 2022

Hi Everyone,

Gerry Hall has arranged a visit for us to Simply Jap at Beaulieu to display as many MX5’s as possible, so please come along if you are free for a good day out in nice surroundings. Terry and I went to this a few years back but have not been since, so now is the time to go again :+1:

We will meet at Rownhams Services, Westbound at 08:15, for a prompt departure 08:45!

Gerry needs to know numbers 2 weeks ahead of the date, in order to advise the venue on our allocated space requirements.

Cost for the event, for participants, is £15/person

For all other visitors, normal admission prices apply!

All you need to know, is given here; https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-japanese/

Buy your tickets here;

NB: When booking yout tickets on the onmline form, it will ask if you are attending for a club, please put down that you are attending with the Roadster Society to gain accesst to the stand

Get those polishing cloths out and come and join us for a good day out :sunglasses: :+1:


Mal & Terry


Hi Mal, Terry and Gerry,

Angela and I have already got our tickets for Simply Jap, but we will meet up at Rownhams to go in as a Roadster Society member even though our tickets obviously won’t have that on them.


Ron and Angela

That’s fine Ron & Angie

Hi Ron & Angi I’ve added your name to the stand at simply jap stand

I’ve also added Mal & Terry for the stand to Gerry

Ticket purchased :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fantastic, will be good to have you and Blue with us​:+1::+1::+1:

Hello! Please can you put me (Emma-Lee) and Matt down for this one. It has been way too long since we came to an event and Simply Jap was our first one with the Solent group last year!

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I’ll be going like Mal to be on the Roadster society stand.

Yep, just paid and printed off my tickets for Terry and I :smiley:

Only thing is, the confirmation does not mention the Roadster Society, even though I typed it into the box at the beginning fo the process :thinking:

Would you like to added to the roadster stand if so can you let me know asap

Hi! Already on the list on Facebook, have booked the tickets too :blush: look forward to seeing you!