Front splitter NC

I’ve seen a few photos of MX5 NCs with front splitters or spoilers really low down,

The NC IMO looks a little unfinished and the front seems high… I’m not really into mods unless they’re subtle.

Any info and pictures of what you have or links would be cool :+1::+1::+1:


Which NC do you find unfinished at the front? There has been 3 different NC fronts, as it was facelifted twice.
Mine is the third version, known as MK3.75, so it has 2 little front splitters.
I realise they may not be what you had in mind, but they are subtle, and you may be able to fit them to an earlier MK3 or MK3.5.

Hi. Those look spot on !!

My car is an old one. 2008 57 plate :+1:

That’s an old pic and I’ve lowered it since but still clears speed bumps

So you have an MK3.
I am not sure if splitters such as mine would go with the shape of the headlights of your car.

I would be wary of any additional fittings lower than the existing front bumper lower cover. My lowered 30mm NC1 scrapes on our drop kerb every time I reverse off the driveway into the road. I hate to think what would happen with an additional full width spoiler.

Mines the same, as in lowered 30mm and with additional splitter. Getting off the drive is interesting… our road is slightly on a hill if I drive up the hill and turn into drive it’s fine. If I reverse off down the hill same again, however if I go straight at it or the opposite way , it makes a right noise.

Mine scrapes on some things, you learn to drive round what isn’t really an issue…