Fuel Pump Problem Recall - 2018/2019 NDs

Apparently there is or may be a recall for 2018/2019 MX-5 NDs as per the article below:

I realise this is an USA article but it mentions the recall being undertaken in markets other than the USA. My early 2019 BBR Super 220 ND has suffered some of the symptoms described, loss of power etc. and has displayed the OBDII fault codes for “Low Fuel Rail Pressure” and "Random Multiple Misfire). In the case of the “Low Fuel Rail Pressure” event the EML (“Engine check light”) came on and the car went into limp mode. After leaving the car for a bit and a couple of driving cycles, the car recovered and I was able to delete the fault code.

I just wondered if anybody else is aware of this recall applying to the UK market or had any contact from Mazda? Maybe I am grasping at straws regarding the problems I have had with my car but it is a bit of a coincidence. Maybe the BBR Super 220 conversion exacerbates the problem as there will be a larger fuel demand under larger fuel demand under high power demand conditions compared to the standard car.

Not listed on the UK Gov recalls list so far.

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Is it related to the fuel grades or quality in the US?
Don’t they have some high ethanol fuel also?

I REMEMBER the USA having fuel pump problems for the RX~8 Mazda started there recall system 3 years before they got around to doing anything in Europe ….!


Ian, yes, I did check there, thanks.

The article suggests that the recall has not been completed yet “Owners will be notified of the recall fix by Jan. 11, 2022” and Mazda maybe doing one market at a time, which may be exacerbated by supply problems for the various markets. Maybe as exiled-viking suggests, it may be sometime before we see a recall here.

Another couple of articles.



Oh dear!

Apparently it is a Denso fuel pump problem and is due to the material used for the fuel pump impeller. Doesn’t just affect Mazda cars either but other makes as well.

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