GoPro Fixing

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NC 2.0 Sport
  2. I’m based near: __Liverpool
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __GoPro fixing position…

I’m headed for a track day in November and I’ll be fixing an action cam to record my “action” (yeah…right).

The plum position I’m guessing is on the passenger roll hoop doodars. Off with the plastic cover, introduce a bracket and mount the camera.

Has anybody any other tips I might need to achieve this with the minimum of fuss ?


Add a secondary fixing with a safety strap for when the primary mounting vibrates off!

They often do, and back in the days when I did this for work we always had multiple fixings or added a suitable safety strap, (or more depending on camera value). Sucker mounts don’t hold for long against vibration and safety strap is mandatory.

a) loss of camera
b) collateral damage to you, car, third parties
c) annoyance and inconvenience at losing that fantastic once in a million shot…

I mount GoPros on lots of different cars that are used for trackdays. My “go to” method is a a simple adhesive pad and shoe on the windscreen slightly to the passenger side and below the rear view mirror. To ensure good adhesion I clean the contact area either with brake cleaner or an alcohol wipe - something to remove any traces of dirt or grease. And I then fairly loosely attach a tie wrap between the fixing bracket and rear view mirror stem. I’ve never had a mount come unstuck.

I personally think the view you get from this camera position is very good, although many people prefer mounting further back in the car so you can see the driver inputs etc. That not a problem for cars with cages, but somewhat more challenging where this isn’t the case. Fixing the the OE roll hoop,(as you’ve already mentioned) should work, but obviously you’d need something like a cage or handle bar camera mount. The only tip with positioning would be to hang it below rather than above the top of the hoop. My only slight concern with the OE hoop is whether it would vibrate at all. Also, of course, you would be able to take a passenger with you.

Here are a couple of vids showing the two different views.

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Thanks for the replies so far, keep 'em coming :+1:

Some ideas for you, all made with one of those cheapie gopro addon kits from eBay around £15 or so.

Should all be self-explanatory! I would also recommend a cable in case of something vibrating loose.

The roll bar hoop is the one I’m aiming for I think. I’ve had it on the front screen and while it gets fair footage, it can be a bit boring without some frantic elbow out involvement :smile:

I’d expect a fair bit of vibration and/or movement with all of those fixing arrangements.

No better or worse than when my camera was on a double-sucker mount. After all, if you can feel a vibration, then the camera will as well. I have a 3D anti Shake Rattle and Roll camera mount that cost over £100 and that gives images like you see on car mounted cameras on TV. The ones I experimented with give +/- on what you will see from a car safety camera mount.