Got a Spring Rally Question?

If you have a question please ask below and we will try to get back to you as quickly as we can

Please check the Spring Rally website for information first.

You can also find a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions on the Spring Rally Website–information.html

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Hi All - I am staying locally on the Saturday evening and then driving up on the morning of the show. 


Couple of questions - 

What time do i need to be at the gates to ensure I get To park on track for the record attempt? I’m assuiming once parked up in situe the cars wont be movable until the record attempt is done? 


After the record attempt, where do we park? 


REALLY looking forward to this, missed the spring rally last year and this ones only a 40 minute drive from home! Winner! 

Gates will open at 09.30. You will be parked on the track on arrival.


You need to be in parked and completed Registration before 11am and assemble for briefing.

Allow plenty of time park and get to registration, it’s also going to be busy in there and - bringing your signed and completed form will speed this up.

Following the record attempts cars will be moved to the Pan area beside the track and rally site up for parking.


Is there a way of obtaining a registration form for those like me who always shred anything with my name and address on it… I didn’t notice the form on the rear side of the address sheet until it was half way through the shredder.

Its posted in another thread and now here;


will also be available on the day, but will save everyone time if you bring one along… 



Thanks, obtained and printed!

What order is the day going to run… Show n shine… Record …then   track time? … As I am signed up for all 3



Looking forward to the day and weather looking OK so far 



The links posted in the first post don’t work for me (iPhone).

Will there be an Auto Jumble?

Checking the links

No autojumble




As ELvington will be my first rally I don’t know the arrangements and I’m wondering how easy will it be to meet up with other local members?

I.e. will individual branches have a presence at the Rally? Will cars be grouped formally or informally? Or will cars be parked up randomly - I guess this is the most likely due to the huge number anticipated.





Good morning Martin, the pages still seem unavailable, I was going to have a look for local runs.



Was going to ask as Pete has, are the any suggested routes for runs out on the Saturday. I think previously advised details may be available a couple of weeks before the Rally. ??

Hi Martin

Our car is on a stand at the rally. What time do you want stand cars? Do we also have the opportunity to join the world record? 

Many thanks


Claire and Sandy

I’ve a couple of friends coming to the rally. Sadly they are currently MG owners but are thinking of defecting to MX5 land. What will be their admission fee on the day?

Anyone know the running order of the day ?




Driving and visitor Routes are expected imminently and will be posted on the Rally website as soon as they are


Not sure what stand you are on, but all the show Exhibitors will be being updated on the 18th with their arrival information, they will share that with any cars that they have arranged to be present.

We hope that you can join the record,  you will need to follow Marshals instructions on the day for moving your vehicle from the paddock.