Grantham anyone

Anyone near me with a MX5. I’m looking to get on around May time, just ready for the summer time. But I love to sit in one just to see if I’m not too big at 6.1’’ 15 stone to fit in one? Cheers RICHARD.

Hi Richard,

Which shape would you be looking at? The NC (3rd gen/Mk3) is the largest inside I believe.

I would say so as well. I’m just over 6 foot and plenty of room! Well some head room especially with the roof down, which is most of the time.

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This has been asked a few times before, have a read of these two:

I’m 6’3 and over 16 stone, not all that fat I’m quite broad. There enough room in my ND all be it the steering wheel is a bit far away. And I believe the ND is the smallest MX5 yet?

Certainly the NC is the easiest to get in and out of.

Steve, Mt barry, Ian. I keep switching between a hard roof and soft. I’d guess hand on heart it will be a summer car, and we will keep the family car, so no trade in. 15k will be my budget cash, just wondered how much anyone thinks I may get off a forecourt price with cash and no trade in please? Could I be looking at cars in the 16k and making offerers? It will be a soft top MK5 Sports Nav 2.00 . Thought and answers please feedback?

NC is the most current version i gather, am i right Barry?

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ND is latest.
NA is the oldest, then NB, then NC, then ND.

NA / Mk1 1989-1998
NB / Mk2 1998-2005
NC / Mk3 2005-2015
ND / Mk4 2015-

And there were face-lift aswell, known as Mk2.5, Mk3.5, Mk3.75 (I’m not sure about if there was a facelift for Mk4 or not).

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ND1 and ND2, some minor changes in engine and electronic gizmos in 2018 but I am sure someone will detail it. Some say that it’s not worth worrying over the difference, others want the latest, everyone’s different!

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The ND2 2 litre’s biggest improvement was in the engine. Whilst increasing power from 158bhp to 184bhp, the biggest improvement was made in making it more free-revving at the top end. Apparently the torque figure was a bit less and a bit friendlier to the gearbox…!

Am I right you need to rev the engine quite hard to get the best results for the little car?

Is the battery leakage still a problem on the ND, I read that if you leave a MX5 for a week the battery falls flat?

Finally is the petrol tank smaller than most and is it an issue at all.

Just a few extra questions that came to mind today? Cheers all for the encouragement.


If you are looking at spending £15k, you will be looking at a very early ND (ie the current model), or alternatively one of the last NC’s, of which there will be a lot of choice.

I know that the NC will fit you in slightly better, but it depends on which model you like the look of more than anything.

The last of the NC’s are obviously better developed, as they were the result of constant updates, whereas the ND will be before any updates. There have been 4 "updates in the last 6 years…

If you like the NC, you will probably find a better equipped one out there with the 2.0 litre engine that will give you a lot of joy. Of the ND variant, if buying an early one, I would probably be looking at a 1.5.

In reality you do need to go and have a look at a couple, certainly one of each model and see what floats your boat.

All MX5’s will be great to drive and you will have fun in any.

I would expect to get probably £500 off depending on dealer, but I would start at £1k and see what they can offer. It depends on various factors, ie how much they paid, how long they have had it etc.

Good luck and you will not regret it!!

You definitely see a difference in performance, but this is not rally the point of MX5’s.

A good battery should not go flat that quick, but if you are going to leave it for long periods, it is recommended to get a battery trickle charger, as once a battery goes flat you will always have issues with it.

The petrol tanks are smaller to my knowledge, as this reduces weight, but it will only make a difference on a long journey and I am sure that it is not a problem. However you will definitely get a smaller range than a diesel. This does give you the opportunity to go into the garage and buy more chocolate though…


I’d say it works well in the upper-rev range yes, but doesn’t need to be thrashed… Is happy being pushed along or otherwise!
Not heard of the battery issue you mention - but if a car sits unused for a few days/weeks at this time of year, battery drainage will be higher… Worth keeping a CTEK battery conditioner/charger to hand.
Petrol tank is 45 litres, so about 5 litres less than most - not too significant.
Hope this helps.

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You two guys are really helpful, but I’m still having trouble identifying ND and NC cars Example what is this one please and this one and how do you tell Thanks guys. May cannot come around fast enough, but its fun looking.

This is an NC

And this an ND

The two you were looking at were the latest model - the ND. I have ordered a new one of those in the same colour, so I am biased!!

Don’t they look amazing in that colour Snelly. However I would buy a peal white if it was around at the right time. I don’t much like the plain white (whatever its called) but the pearl white (if that’s what its called) looks nice against the black soft top.

Did you buy your car online without seeing it?