Greatest TV Advert

Trying to avoid going stir-crazy during lockdown, so - inspired by “Papa and Nicole”, what’s your candidate for the greatest TV advertisement?

My choice.

The product is not shown or mentioned - brilliant.

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Guinness “Dancing Man” is one of mine :slight_smile:


TSB - 1994 ish - Oh a 'tundred, sever one, sever two, free!

All-time favourite ad series! :grin:

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This is a contender



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Classic advert!!
Funnily enough, I was watching the ‘But Seriously…’ Live Version last night- one of my all-time favourite concerts!

I still get this song stuck in my head sometimes

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Can just picture you.
Hood doon, summers evening around 9pm, arm oot the windae, cruisin’ along Gt Western Rd on tae the 'Drum.

Haha, that may or may not have been going through my mind…:thinking:

I’d forgotted about the extended version. The key with this one is the colour of the wall. Superb. :+1:

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Nissazn 300Zx Toys ad

Dunlop ad; stunning visuals, Velvet Undergound soundtrack and a gimp in a rubber outfit to advertise car tyres.

Honda’s Impossible Dream, the final version completes the story, whether on not the main protagonist lives in a ropey old caravan, as the price to pay for accessing a collection of Honda vehicles


This is the best ever, no question.


On our first meeting my girlfriend and I found we were both able to recite these two adverts*, so from being favourites, they’ll also be special.
This is such a cool, understated advert. The way he looks across and does up the window as he offers the punchline. Brilliant. I say every bit of the words wrong - there’s only one of use in this household who can speak German! :smiley:

I sometimes still say “A filet-o-fish for my wife” when I’m asked what I want for my dinner. Not annoying at all!

I had one of those Rover 800 Fastbacks, rock hard seats and unreliable electric bits

Another vote for the Carling Black Label Dambusters advert here!
It is one I have always remembered and I have just laughed so much watching it again!!

For Mash get Smash…!

Your Honda ad reminderd me of this.

Honda sent me a copy of their DVD which showed how it was made - all a single take and no trickery. Now all on Youtube.


Cadbury’s gorilla :+1: