Has anyone used Diamond Car Mats?

My mats arrived just over a week ago, here are a couple of photos.

I got a 25% discount code if anyone’s interested in a set of these: HYUT-65-UHYTS-25

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Those look great :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

the mats look fab…
but regarding the small ‘heel mat’ ,
is it substantial enough ,
or are you putting another mat on top ?(which would probably spoil its appearance) :thinking: :thinking:


The heel mat seems pretty decent, I haven’t felt like it needs any help so far! The only thing I have noticed is that the driver’s side mat can slide forward slightly, but the mats did come with Velcro to secure them to the carpet underneath, so I’ll need to get this sorted.

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Looks like £83 with your 25% off voucher (inc £14 VAT)


Ordered a set on 15th hopefully land any day now :crossed_fingers:


I’m glad to hear people’s positive feedback with diamond car mats as my experience was not so good as it took nearly 4 months for my mats to arrive, the customer service I received was awful to non existent,
On a plus note the mats themselves when they eventually turned up are pretty good, not carbon miata but you pays your money’s and all that.


New mats arrived today ,from diamond car mats great quality can’t fault them .Not been out for a spin yet so don’t know if they will move .Only possible issue is the foot rest has now the thickness of the mat ,so closer to the clutch pedal again will see how this goes .Thought I would post some before and after pics




Excellent colour combination! :grin:

Thanks for posting pictures here. Based on this thread I have ordered mats from Diamond. I haven’t actually got the car to put them in yet mind :slight_smile: But if I recall correctly, the carpet was worn by the transmission tunnel, so this will smarten it up.

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Thanks Andrew

Just a note if anyone is ordering diamond car mats the site automatically selects LEFT HAND DRIVE mats nearly got caught out with that one



Good save!

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Thanks for the great review, because of it I’ve bite the bullet and ordered a set, roll on August to fit them…:rofl:

Hi Dave, the mats look great but could they be slotted under the plastic surround of the transmission tunnel for a slightly more OEM look? If so i might consider pulling the trigger in a few months after I’ve cleared the current list of jobs on mine!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you Tried to get the mat under the trim near to the transmission tunnel.very tight felt like it would snap ,think the mat is to thick to fit if you did manage to tuck it it would deform the trim, ie may not click back in place



Fair enough, thanks for trying but think I will probably leave it for now at least until my carpets are completely wrecked. :joy:. Your mats do look great though…

No worries :+1:

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I removed most of the original mat which allowed the mat to fit under most of the trim panels, which, I think gives a much better look. Just got to get the roof liner to stay in place in the hot/cold🙄

Hi all. I’ve ordered a set for my 2001 MX5 - being sure to request right hand drive thanks!, and with the promo code you shared at the great price of £83.

  • make: Mazda
  • model: MX5
  • year: 2001
  • Vehicle Shape: Convertible/Cabriolet
  • Number of seats: 2 seats (front only car mats)
  • Right hand drive?: Yes - Right Hand Drive

Was super excited to be getting these BUT they’ve cancelled my order :cry:

'Unfortunately we are unable to process your order as we are missing some important measurements.
We have contacted Mazda in regards to the info we are missing but it can take quite a long time for them to reply, therefore it is better to refund your order rather than to keep you waiting’

Can anyone advise me if the set you’ve ordered successfully would fit (and if so what you entered on your order).

I’ve owned my beauty from new and am getting her kitted out with a new soft-top in 5 weeks time - looking forward to joining the club meets once she’s proudly gorgeous again.