Have you upgraded the infotainment system? (ND)

I was wondering if anyone had upgraded their infotainment system software themselves?
After installing Apple Carplay unit, my software version is 70.00.100 EU N.
There have been a number of improvements to version 70.00.335 which I’d like to install.

This website suggests it’s pretty easy (found link on a thread in miata.net)

Also found this link which provided more info on the software upgrade process.

Before I go ahead I wondered if anyone here has successfully upgraded their software using this method?
I’d value your thoughts and comments.

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Iv looked at doing it so I can get android auto on cos mazda want £350 to do it. but if you do it and dont get it right been told your mazda connect won’t work again. Let me know what you do and how you get on

Done it plenty of times, including full installation of CarPlay and serial hack of AIOTweaks. Just a simple upgrade of firmware via USB is pretty easy you shouldn’t have any issues.


might have a go at the weekend

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I’ve done it on both my ND as part of installing CarPlay (from 59.something I think) and on my OH’s Mazda 6 as an update from 70.00.100. Both went without a problem, I downloaded and printed the step-by-step PDF from the hidrive shares you’ve linked to and followed that closely.

I was probably over cautious with the sleep timer, I set an alarm to remind me to dip the clutch every 12 minutes rather than 20!

Also the process in both cars took a while (40-ish minutes per car) and there were a couple of times the screen went completely blank or the progress bar just sat at xx% for a while. Don’t worry, it is normal. Just let it do it’s thing.

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