Have you upgraded the infotainment system? (ND)

The total cost from USA was just short of 180. Just amended post, found I’d made an error, was looking in wrong place doh!!!

After a false start got everything apart and new wiring in place. Had a struggle with the getting the old usb/sd box out but won in the end. When I finally got the old unit out and replaced the cables, Black, brown and the original white , tucked the original,now surplus,away, I’m still left with a white plug I didn’t remove from anywhere, have I inadvertently pull out from somewhere, can’t see a home for it.

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve only just seen this. Hopefully you’ve got it working, but if not I hope this is helpful.

If it’s at the hub end the other connector should go to the “indicator unit” which is what Mazda call the panel above the hub with the seat heater buttons on it. After running the new cables you’ll have 5 at the hub end;

1 is surplus, tied back & wrapped in foam (mine was Green)
3 go to the new hub (Black, Brown, White)
1 goes to the “indicator unit” (mine was Black and White)

If it’s directly underneath the CMU it’s the hazard warning lights button connector.

If it’s at the CMU I’m stumped. There’s a lot going on back there but only 1 cable is surplus, tied and wrapped (again mine was green). Everything else should plug into the back of the CMU.

Thanks Dodger, that’s it, when I took it all apart that plug came out without me having to remove it caught me out. All up and running, but iffy connections on both phones, drop out a lot, might settle down.

Brilliant, glad I could help :smiley:

I found the hub is quite sensitive to the USB cable used, it only seems to work reliably with Apple MFI certified ones that are in excellent condition.

I first tried to use a short Verbatim MFI one that had been getting regular CarPlay use in my old car (Seat Leon). That also kept dropping out at first, or just not connecting at all.

I’ve since been using one of these almost daily and it seems to be holding up ok. It’s just long enough for the phone to sit in the cubby next to the hub without interfering with the gear stick or flapping about everywhere.

Short Charger Cable (2 Pack 0.2M) Fast Charging 7Inch Wire for Apple iPhone XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/Plus/SE/5c/5s/5 iPad Air 2/Mini/Max Cord Charger Station https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KNLLWY5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_aCF0EbY6DEWSN

SWMBO is using one of these in her Mazda 6 with the hub inside the centre console armrest, but I found it a little short in the 5.

AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB A to Lightning Compatible Cable - Apple Mfi Certified, Red, 10 Centimeters https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0753QQWZH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_SEF0EbCCY8TPR

Thanks again, ordered, and a couple of Android ones :heavy_check_mark:

Finally got around to applying the latest update.
As a software developer, I understand all too clearly what could happen if the update failed and could not be recovered; which makes me nervous about performing tasks like this.
However, my nerves were misplaced as the process was very straight forward. I’d encourage other ND owners to perform the update on their MX-5s (provided you feel comfortable to do so).
The update process is well documented in easy to follow steps.
The only thing you need to be aware of is to press the correct buttons on the infotainment system near the handbrake, as the images in the PDF show a different style of infotainment controls.
Take a moment to identify where the required buttons are in your MX5 and you’ll be fine.

As with everything like this, it’s best to follow the instructions laid out in the PDF and not to deviate or think you’ll try an alternative method.

Happy driving - let’s hope we have more “open road / top down” opportunities in 2021.


Just a heads up that the MX5 ND upgrade kits for Apple Carplay & Android Auto for Mazda Connect are now available from sellers on AliExpress for a total cost of c.£90 incl.UK VAT.
I took the gamble and ordered. A genuine kit arrived within 2 weeks and is now successfully installed in my MX5.
The sellers on AliExpress have all the info you need in their adverts, including links to a site with all the necessary software upgrades and the factory manual pages for the trim removal steps.
The sellers add UK VAT to the advertised price when you check out (that’s a genuine post brexit requirement) and ship via airmail.
There shouldn’t be any other costs to pay as UK customs duty is only payable on goods over £135.
It took a leap of faith to place the order, but everything went smoothly with the delivery, the software upgrade and the hardware install.

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I got mine from aiexpress yesterday, did the firmware yesterday evening and the hardware today. Best tip is don’t plug your phone in until a mi Ute after you boot up the infotainment system on each journey otherwise CarPlay can be glitchy with the controls. Otherwise it’s solid gold. Total cost £80.

And, as a further update, the Carlinkit2 wireless Carplay adapters also work with my MX5. Got mine from AliExpress for about £60. There’s some talk of unreliability of these wireless adapters on other MX5 forums, but the latest firmware seems to have made a big improvement.
I’ve tucked the adapter out of the way “under” the tray in front of the gearlever and just run the short cable up and into the usb socket.
Its great because I like running Waze to warn me of hazards and speed cameras ahead. I just jump in the car, leave my phone in my pocket, set off driving and waze just appears on the infotainment display…
For longer journeys, where I need to keep my phone chrged, I just swap over to a wired connection but for just bobbing about town, the wireless kit works just great.

Do you have a link to where you got yours from?
We’ve just bought a new CX-5 and although I’m sure I read somewhere that it had wireless CarPlay, it doesn’t - much to the wife’s disgust.
Even a £15k Kia has wireless, why not a £40k Mazda, especially as it’s standard in the US apparently.

I’m wary of these aftermarket kits after having read bad things about them, mainly relating to BMW’s admittedly, and it’s good to find someone that’s actually bought one and is using it without problems. If it works, this and a wireless charging pad would make life really easy for her.
Anything for a quiet life…

This is where I got mine from. There are many stores selling the same product on AliExpress and I just chose the cheapest that I could find for the same product. It worked so well in my golf that I just gambled and ordered a second from the same store for the mazda. It came in less than a week…
There are a few forum posts suggesting mixed experiences, but mine has been OK in my golf and in the MX5 so far. The MX5 one did "drop out half way through a 2 hour journey the other day but then reconnected itself without me doing anything… Not sure if that was a one-off or if it may recur as its still early days for me.
It also uses your phone battery a lot as its running the phone’s GPS when you’re using Waze for navigation. For long journeys, I’ll swap to the wired connection, to keep the phone charged, but the wireless adapter is great for just jumping in around town, leaving my phone in my pocket and having Waze just appear on the head unit to warn me of hazards ahead…

Really helpful, thank you. I’ll order one and see how she gets on.
There were stories of bmw refusing warranty on their cars dur to aftermarket CarPlay/adapters being used which apparently interferes with their software, hence my reticence.