Have you upgraded the infotainment system? (ND)

Drive both if you can (an ND1 and ND2). Most people have strong opinions on how different (usually better) the engine is in the ND2 vs. the ND1. I have an ND1 but I wanted a Recaro edition and knew that I’d be modifying it so mine now makes more power than a standard ND2 anyway. I had the Apple CarPlay upgrade installed and it makes a big difference. Remember that it’s wired-only; it won’t support wireless CarPlay but does of course still have the standard Bluetooth functionality.

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I’ve had wireless CarPlay but any iPhone I have is typically in need of a constant source of power due to being done in after 12 months so I’m not overly concerned. Price gap between ND1 and ND2 RF 2.0 is too severe. I would like more oomph but can’t justify it with the miles I intend to do and the main reason for going to an MX-5 in the first place is to save money. If I leave it the thick end of a year the market may change and make a 184 more attractive, but it’s hard to say I won’t fall for the cheaper pre Dec 18 variant. I suspect having my b u m close to the floor will offset the factual loss of power. I have so few cars that will fit in my garage now and only 5 or 6 (excluding an Alpine A110 which will fit dimensionally, but not financially!) that nobble 60 in under 8 seconds. But given that reverse camera and steering reach aside the newer ones aren’t overly different to the old as far as I can see, it’s a tough call to make. I think I’m best off only trying an ND1 to be honest and if I like it, that’s good enough. If I try an ND2 I’ll want it. I have no doubt it’s better - it’s just whether it’s commensurate with the price difference.

Cheers - will check it out. Think I’ve been there before to be honest but I’m only saying that by your URL!

Yeah, aware of the summer/winter situation with them. Schoolboy error there, my friend! Speed limit recognition is a bit hit and miss for me. Not something I have ever considered a benefit as it can’t be relied upon in anything I’ve had with it on, but I’ll check it all out - I’m sure there will be some other things I wasn’t aware of. Be interesting to find out all the bits and pieces and see if collectively I can justify a 184 to myself. I might need to leave it 12-18 months if that is the case though!

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Hi all,
As a follow-up to this older thread, I wanted to let you know I’ve just upgraded my 2016 Mk 4 ND MX-4 infotainment system from 70.00.367 EU N to 74.00.324 EU N.
It took about 40 minutes to do, including prepping the USB with the new firmware.
I’ll add detailed steps to my blog.

Happy top-down motoring!

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Hi, 1st post so I may be asking something stupid!
I’ve looked at my (new to me) 2016 SE-L Nav and see that the software begins with 56. so would like to update it.
There are various videos and blog posts that show me what to do but nowhere can I find a link to actually download the software.
The guy on the Mazda 6 forum has stopped sharing and I can’t fond it anywhere else.
Any links or hints would be much appreciated?

Pm me for the updates

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What do the updates get you?


Improved functionality and bug fixes! And use Carplay/Android Auto (requires a new satnav/usb module)

welcome @Ianm1 :wave:

Please be aware you can not jump from 56x version up to the latest version. You will need to upgrade to 70x first and then onwards from there. And it’s also worth mentioning that if you don’t have the correct hardware for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto you won’t be able to use either as a result of applying these upgrades.

I’m aware you didn’t ask about Apple CarPlay or Android Auto but I thought it best to check your expectations because it’s not always obvious. And assuming the software will yield this benefit is a common misunderstanding I’ve encountered several times.
Ping me for details if you’re interested, or read other posts on our forum, or take a look at my blog www.mx5blog.co.uk

Good luck with your upgrades and don’t forget to press the pedals enough times during the upgrade!


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If the firmware is older than 56.00.100 then yes you have to run 70.00.100 before running the latest version 74.00.324.

where do l go to get the files to update my connect system

Thank you

Ask BlueAgave He might be able to point you in the right direction……. :wink:

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