Haynes Motor Museum Book Launch/Signing 28th November

A few photos to give you a taste of the drive Harco will be taking anyone who wants to come,it will take you through the most spectacular scenery and end up at the Clarks shopping village http://www.clarksvillage.co.uk/ 

thanks Harco for that one

Should be a great day

    Cheddar Gorge


I’ll come along on this one as it’s not far from me and will be good to catch up with some old faces [H]

A few more Moonies will also be along [Y]

 id like to come to this,

my first meet in the 5 yay

anyone in hampshire heading that way and want to convoy up there for added fun?

cheers theo




Not sure what part of Hampshire your in, but I know theres a convoy leaving the south east area and connecting at Fleet Services on the M3 (leaving there at 8am sharp)


 nice one, do you mean the guys and girls from the south east area are meeting in fleet services to leave at 8 or are meeting then going to fleet services to meet other areas?

do i need to contact anyone to ask if i can join them or let them know im coming?

cheers theo

 They are meeting some at clackett on the m25 then going to fleet and meeting others and leaving fleet at 8am. Im not sure what route they are taking from there. Im sure Sarah and the others will have no issues if you just turn up and make yourself aware to them (others do that all the time)


See the south east region postings if you need further information  here

Hi Folks

Convoy Details as follows: -

Leaving Clacket Lanes Services M25 Westbound - 6.30 am

Leaving Fleet Services M3 Westbound - 8 am

Arrive Haynes Motor Museum - 10am

Hope this meets with everyones approval let me know if you think timings are wrong, apart from the very early start for me !!! 5.30am …!!!

See you on the 28th Nov and let me know if you wish to join convoy and at which meeting point.

 Hi Nick

Meet you at Fleet services Wink

 im there to, if i can get up that early

see yu then


 Thanks Nick for letting everyone know on this thread, I am so used to putting details in the South East region.

Anyone owning an MX-5 is welcome to join the convoy from the South East we are a friendly bunch and look forward to meeting new friends.

Clacket Lane Services  M25 Westbound - 6.30am

Fleet Services M3 Westbound - 8am

Lets hope it is a nice day for the drive around Cheddar Gorge looking forward to it.


Sarah (Mazda Chick)

We hope to be there with you on the day and on the run through the Gorge.

Here is the official cover of the book



 Hi Nick, good to see you at NEC Saturady, wil join you at Fleet 0800

                            cheers, Richard

You too mate. Before 8 at Fleet, oh blimey how am I going to get 'er indoors out of bed in time???

Any idea why the name Miata was included on the cover?—

Good point actually Geoff, no idea personally, but now wonder why Eunos wasn’t included?

I wasn’t going to ask this, but as you have? However was the meet only for UK cars, if so then I have no problem with just MX5…still to late to do anything about it?—

The original photo shoot was UK limited editions.

Just dawned on me whilst standing in the shower!! The USA market for the book, it wouldn’t sell if it just had MX5 on the cover—


Just say, morning dear, are you ready to go shopping…?

It works for me…!!