Head Unit Install - Blue / White Wire

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC1 (Bose)
  2. I’m based near: Essex
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Double Din Install

Happy New Year!

I have embarked on my first DIY Headunit install and, frankly, I’ve got stuck just as its getting mildy technical. 3 hours faffing in the car with a head torch and numb fingers this afternoon, but now calling it a night.

I bought the Connects2 fitting kit for my model, and the Headunit is a Sony one (link below for both).


Fitting going okay until using the kit until I turned on the ignition to power on the head unit. Seems to power on fine, and the steering wheel controls work as they should. The trouble is, I’m getting zero sound.

I have watched numerous YouTube videos and read through the forums and I understand this relates to an amp power wire, the blue and white one, that needs to be connected.

The adapter kit lines up a blue white (from the head unit side) to a solid blue (on the car side). There is a separate blue white on the car side. Do I need to adjust the connecter by removing the blue wire so that both blue and white wires meet? Is it as simple as that? Or will disconnecting the blue wire from the car side connector cause other issues?

I’ve attached the best pictures I could get.

Also, there’s another item as part of the kit that I’m a little confused about. What is the purpose of this item and does this need to be connected?

I’m hindsight I’d have paid an audio shop to fit, but my dash is in pieces now, and I doubt Halfords etc would take this on as I didn’t buy the parts from them. Lesson learned!

Any help would be much appreciated!

See thread below, if you haven’t read that it explains those blue/white wire connections,. Hopefully of help, scroll down about half way in the thread…

Had exactly the same problem the Bose amp needs a switched live which you can use the blue/white wire for - can’t remember the colour of the Bose wire but I searched it up on here

Thanks everyone, with a bit of head scratching and faith I managed to get it done. It was the blue / white wires that needed to be connected.

Got the unit back into the dash after an hour faffing only to realise the handbrake wire hadn’t been grounded so Android Auto didn’t work. Oops! Now fixed and lesson learned there!