Hello from Suffolk - Racing Green Mk2

Hello all,

Just restarted my membership after 5yrs! I owned a gorgeous 2006 Winning Blue 2.0 Sport mk3/NC between 2012-15 which was unfortunately written off (not my fault!).

I’ve recently purchased a Racing Green mark 2 as a project (slash spring or summer run around) and am very happy to be back in an MX-5. She’s only done 43k, and the paintwork has come up a treat after 6hrs of detailing!

The car already came with an upgraded dual tip exhaust, K&N filter kit and lowering springs. I’ve got a few things planned and have already installed my first mod - replacement seats from the Phoenix edition. Looks great!

I’ll be sure to wave to any other 5’s on the road :blush:




Hello Simon, welcome back (even though I wasn’t a member back then).
That’s a nice looking NB you’ve got yourself by the looks of it. Hope to see more of your escapades as your project progresses.
Stay safe.

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Lovely looking car, and welcome :+1: I’m up in North Essex


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Hi Simon and welcome, I’m in north Essex as well. Lovely looking car :+1:

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Ex Grace green owner also from Suffolk! check out my old ride, some similarities!

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Thanks very much Guy, Boz and J_P. Hoping when things calm down, hopefully Springtime, and the watcher is nicer we can get some meets in and I can see your cars (I live close to the Essex border!).

Rokgod, your car looks/looked great, what a transformation - how funny you did something similar only last year. Why did you sell up?


Welcome back, the best MX-5s are green NBs that come from Suffolk… :grinning:

Look forward to it, here’s my car

Noted Martin!! :laughing: Green is too underrated as a car colour in my opinion. Hopefully we’ll get to say hello at an Eastern meeting later this year when we’re able!

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Looks great J_P, what colour is it? Don’t see many around in that colour!

Those seats look great against the green! (And I like that the seats contrast the black interior.)
I’d be keen to see how your double exhausts are routed at the back.

Sadly she was rear ended by a dumbass white van man and written off :frowning: I’m currently undertaking a similar journey in my NC1 but still dream of green!

Such a shame, sorry to hear that, I can empathise!! Interested to hear and see some of your NC journey…

Thanks very much! I’ll happily send you some photos when I can.

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Hi yeah the colour is Evolution orange
( paint code 18k ) a great colour in my opinion :orange_heart: