Hello from West Yorkshire! 2004 MX5 NB 2.5 - Euphonic edition - Ultra low miles, is there any lower mileage examples out there?

Hi everyone.

I’ve owned my MX5 for a few years now, but haven’t really been active on forums, so here goes…

So I picked up my 2004 1.8 Euphonic Edition MK 2.5 in 2021. It’s a very special car having had one owner from new before me who miraculously, only covered just over 7k miles!!! Its ticked over to 8k now during my ownership, but it must be one of the lowest miles ones out there?

So its history was, it was bought new on Jersey then the owner moved to Yorkshire with it. They then traded it in for a new Suzuki and I was lucky enough to know someone at the dealership, so was able to buy it - they allowed £1,000 PX for it, which surely was daylight robbery?! We paid more for it, but still got it for a bargain price :slight_smile:

I wonder if anyone knows the car, or previous owner. It has a MX5 Community sticker in the windscreen.

It’s definitely a summer car and is enjoyed by my partner and I in the sunshine - i love the waves between fellow MX5 owners! I feel really lucky to own such a low mileage wonderful example of this car and intend to keep it as long as I can. I plan on keeping the miles low, whilst still enjoying summer drives and giving it the care and attention it deserves :slight_smile:

Is there any other owners on here around West Yorkshire (Keighley area), any meets, clubs etc?

Is there any lower mileage examples out there too? I’ve seen a few on eBay recently, one at 6k and one at 2k miles.

I’ve uploaded some pictures (hopefully correctly!) of her and look forward to chatting with like-minded MX5 owners :smiley:

Cheers - Chris


Welcome to the club , a wealth of info , great debates and so many suggestions to lighten you bank account spending on your pride and joy :see_no_evil:

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Welcome Cookie1057 :handshake:

Crumbs…didn’t you do well locating this gem :clap:

I was living in Oakworth, Keighley in 2007 when I purchased as second owner [first owner was car leasing company] my

2005 NB 2.5 Special Edition 1.8 i Icon [orange] from Carcraft Leeds for £10,795

Mileage: 25,228

Mileage now at approx 46,600 ish which I thought was good for a nineteen year old but she has been to Scotland and Wales to be fair

Enjoy the Club as well as the NB

I now reside in the West Mids but so miss Oakworth …err perhaps not the hills though in the winter months :ice_skate:

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What a small world, I live in Oakworth and have done most of my life (born in Haworth then moved over’t Valley). Some lovely roads around here for the MX5, but you’re absolutely right, very tough in the winter. Luckily I own an AWD Volvo V40 T5 as my daily and also have (amongst other cars) a Subaru Forester, for this purpose.

What a beautiful colour your NB is!! Sounds like she’s enjoyed some wonderful roadtrips :slight_smile:

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Thank you! She’s one of 6 cars I currently own, but touch wood has required the least bank account lightening, to date :slight_smile:

Hi again Cookie

Lived Oakworth 1999 -2007 whilst working in Bradford then Keighley…but driving a 1.4 Renault Clio on the roads in West Yorkshire including regular work journeys to Pontefract, Wakefield, Leeds
Have nightmarish memories of the Clio nearly ‘ending up in t’dale’ when snow suddenly came down on ungritted roads :poop:

‘Bullit’ was a present to myself after I sold Oakworth to move in as Carer to my late Dad in Whitby [born Wakefield] so got to drive my NB up hill and down dale in North Yorkshire instead

Given the greater handling/power of the NB in comparison to the Clio…there were less :poop: journeys in that neck of the woods :grinning:

Complete envy you born Howarth and reside Oakworth most of your life …It’s a glorious part of the Country

Know you have several vehicles but have you thought about joining the MX-5 Club …it’s relatively inexpensive and comes with benefits [no…I’m not on commission :roll_eyes:]

In any event…we’re delighted you decided to post about you rare beasty …great to hear about as MX-5 NB Enthusiasts :smiley:

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I think everyone on here must have lived in Oakworth at some time!!! Hillside Avenue for me around the 1970’80s.


The world gets smaller. I grew up on Hillside Avenue - my parents still live there!

I was at 51, where were you? Moved there from Beechcliffe.

3 doors down at 45 - moved in 1995 though. I think 51 is for sale currently if you fancied a snoop around on Rightmove :joy:

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and Cookie…

Well I had to Google Map Hillside Avenue to see how far away I was from you both when I lived in Oakworth [1999-2007]

Apparently a 2 minute car drive away at 13 Mill Lane [adjacent to what was then a meat prep factory…can’t remember it’s name but he sold the business for a fortune and it’s all now posh housing]

[Cookie…do you remember the huge fire at the old abandoned mill further down. Fire Brigade set up their command post outside my address …what a racket…didn’t sleep much that night !!]

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I do vaguely remember that! There’s been quite a lot of disused mill fires in this area. Suspiciously, they all end up being developed after the fires by a well known local housing developer… I’m saying nothing…

A friend of mine growing up, his grandad owned the meat factory and was the one to sell it, I think. Quite nice houses down there to be honest, although I don’t think my vegetarian girlfriend could live in an old meat factory :joy: Nice part of the village Mill Lane! :slight_smile:

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You are not wrong Cookie

[Suspected Arson] at the time but I do remember the chap under enormous pressure from local Council to sell as he was the last business in a residential area

It freaked me out when I purchased the property [not only the ‘meat factory’ but No 12 had Pidgeon Lofts extraordinaire and a broken down vehicle out back and a concrete mixer in his front garden…he eventually was forced to sell due to failure to pay his mortgage and was a most aggressive fella]

The meat factory owner was a fabulous neighbour…his family had been there decades so I saw it pre and post sale. He also …as promised… built me a huge set of wooden steps at the side of 13 Mill Lane [it’s a town house on 3 levels] when he sold the business

So …yep…witnessed the development down in Mill Lane before leaving 2007

But no way could have I afforded its housing THEN let alone now !!


It’s all coming back to me now…

I’d seen loads of boring properties when I came across 13 Mill Lane. Fell in love because it came with a ‘bit of woodland’ up to a stream [you needed to be a mountain goat to get down it]

But the property developers had to put in massive boulders next door and beyond to shore up an old mining area before they could even start developing [I used to watch from my lounge window…it was akin to building the pyramids but with machines]

And 13 Mill Lane was nearly derelict…spent the first 18 months living in the lounge in front of only heating source…[decrepid gas fire] and the money/time and effort I spent on that place…

But what was nice was to be welcomed in the Village as an ‘Incomer’ :smiley:

Ahh yeah I know the houses, 2 story at the front, 3 at the rear and back on the woodland. You can still see the huge rocks used to retain the land (I work in civil engineering, so stuff like that really interests me!)

Yeah, those houses do go for high price still. We’re looking at moving currently and Waterwheel Lane as it’s now called, must be one of the most expensive streets in the village for the size of the houses! Never appealed to us really as parking is limited on there and with gulp 7 cars currently in the fleet between my partner and I, we’d take up the entire street!

P.S. thinking of changing the title of the thread to ‘Oakworth memories’ :rofl:

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Sunday night bingo at Oakworth Con Club, we knew how to live!!


Changing the Thread Title to ‘Oakworth Memories’

Better Not as it’s supposed to be about the MX-5 NB 2.5 :innocent:

Everything you say about Mill Lane et al is so true [never needed an alarm clock when they were putting in those boulders as whole house used to shake]

And …yep…only room for 1-2 vehicles at rear plus communal driveway Nos 11-13 at 45 % angle…no chance in winter

And…word to the wise…badly sound-proofed [if the phone rang in No 12 I’d have to check if it was my phone ringing]

So right not to buy :handshake:

Never went there but remember the location :grinning:

Sounds like a plan! Pub crawl round Oakworth (Snooty Fox and The Fleece :joy:)

Oh our current house is like that, hence the reason for moving - fed up of hearing the neighbours teenage son play video games. Give me a detached house, with parking for 7 cars and a water tight, insulated garage for the NB2.5 (got us back on topic…), is that too much to ask?!

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Remember the Snooty Fox and probably The Fleece…good to hear they are still in business :grinning:

Virtual Pub crawl with you and Mad Malc :beer: :wine_glass: [Obviously minus the Fives]

Yep…sound proofing…got lovely new neighbour at No 12 but she’d arguments with her teenage daughters…my understanding is that many homes were built for Mill Workers so ‘cheap and cheerful’

Dream home…got better chance of finding ‘Up Norf’ than where I currently am in West Mids

Meanwhile…notice no one else posting yet on your thread re ‘Low Mileage’ 2004 NB 2.5’…

Err…you, me and Mad Malc have just been taking the ‘scenic route’ back to your original post :rofl:

But no worries…been a member of the Club for 6 years and this happens when folk find things in common with each other and go off at a tangent…it’s human nature after all

Main rule is ‘No politics or religion’ and obviously manners. It’s a well run site and if an Area Co-ordinator thought we were posting inappropriately …they or other members would say something

Great Chat Cookie…if me and Bullit ever make it back up to Oakworth …sending you and your family :hugs: from an ex ‘Incomer’ :grinning: :smiley: :grin: :laughing:

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