Hellooo from (not so) sunny Fife

Hi guys!

Nice to meet everyone. My name’s Mel, I bought my first MX-5 in October and am absolutely in love with her. She’s a stunning black 2013 Venture and I’ve already been customising away!

Looking forward to getting out on some runs come the Summer and hopefully meeting some of you lovely people!


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Photo please? Only because I’ve got the same car and year!

Another Newbie from the Kingdom. Welcome. Was some one from Rosyth with a Red PRHT the other day.

(My family are in Fife, but I am down south, but trying to move back).

Welcome from a fellow Fifer!

Hi Mel and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello Mel & a warm Welcome from another fellow Fifer

Enjoy your new addition. Hopefully you can join us on a run sometime


Haha, thank you 999to5!

She’s had a couple of shampoos so far and I’ve been finishing her off with some Autoglym Aqua Wax which, I must say, brings her up beautiful!! You’re right though, black shows up every single mark. :rofl:

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Just for you Apulfermx5

Apologies for the background, I live in a scruffy part of town but delivery day is delivery day :joy:


Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome, so good to see there’s a few folk living about the Kingdom with MX-5s! Looking forward to getting a run when we’re not quite do plague-ridden and getting snowed on every 5 minutes!!! :joy:


Not sure if I’m allowed to welcome you, but welcome Mel😀
I had a black car once (only once) and if you have access to rainwater from a water but or something, do the final rinse with it after washing, you only need about a bucketful. Even if you don’t dry it off you won’t have any watermarks left.
Car looks great btw.
Cheers :grin:

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Welcome. I’m new as well. (South east) Hopefully I’ll get to Scotland for the first time in my life due to owning my Mx-5. It’s amazing when people in MX-5s wave, it gives you a sense of community and well being! :grin::grin::grin:

Haha, well there’s some wonderful drives up here. Your new friends will give you a wave as you come past! :grin: I haven’t experienced my first wave yet, am quite excited for it :rofl: I think it’ll feel like the ‘biker’s nod’ but even more special :joy::joy::joy:

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Hehe, why thank you- she arrived immaculate and I intend on keeping her that way! Have made a few cosmetic changes so far- am waiting until she’s paid off before I do anything too structural but she drives beautifully.

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Lol, thanks Overdrive, appreciate it!
I love black/chrome bikes so when I saw her, it was a no-brainier! Not heard the rainwater tip before.

It’s one of several reasons we bought this rwb last year.
And rainwater really does work well on the car for the final rinse, no limescale marks or bloom.

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Can’t help with black/chrome bikes - mine’s silver and black, with a bit of green and red, - thinking about it it’s got red wheels as well. Guess what it is. :it:
The bikers nod is great isn’t it? It’s only other bikers that know what an adrenaline rush they can be, and what a stress buster they are. Freedom.
You have some seriously good roads in Scotland that I’m going to explore, and wild camping is legal🙂.
Anyway, back to cars.What mods are you going to do?
Tasteful I hope.
There appears to be lots of enthusiastic bods on here.
and I’m looking forward to getting an RF soon.
Stay safe

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Welcome Mel, in Dunfermline myself. The club has some great Sunday and occasionally weekend runs out. Great part of the country we live in.

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Hmm…Aprilla? Agusti? M. Guzzi? Ducati?? :thinking:
Bikers nod definitely gives you a sense of belonging. It’s a special thing.
Although I’m Edinburgh-born, my whole family are from Caithness and I still very much think of up north as home so NC500 is very much my home field territory I’ve spent many, many happy hours tootling along it :rofl: Wild camping is definitely the best way to enjoy it. I’ve known of folk who decided to do the whole lot in a day…■■■?? What of the blurry scenery did you actually see as you went zooming by? :joy: Nutters!
First job I did on the MX-5 was change out the head unit, have added a couple of wee chrome accents inside and out, new gear knob, spent yesterday giving the instrument cluster a facelift and lots & lots of weather-proofing on the roof!
Plans for the future include a new raspier back box and a wooden steering wheel but won’t be happening until the car’s paid off- got about another two and a half years to go

Hi David, nice to meet you and thank you for the welcome! I stay in Dunfermline too so enjoy wee jaunts to Falkland or up the East Neuk to Ainster. I work shifts but will happily go on as many runs as I can manage :blush:

Would that make a difference even when I put aqua wax straight on after washing?