Help needed please - planning Western region run

Hello everybody, I am wondering if you can help me with something.

I am currently preparing a drive for the Western region to take in part of the Brecon Beacons probably some time in August.  I know most of the roads in the area quite well and what I had planned was something along the lines of the following.

Meet at Magor services on the M4 and then take the A449 up to Raglan to join the A40 west. Just south of Abergavenny take the Heads of the Valley road and then work our way into Crickhowell via the A4077 to rejoin the A40. Further along the A40 leave and travel via B4560 to Llangors Lake where I am assuming there is a picnic site or similar(? - don’t know that bit) and thence back down to the A40 at Dorlangoch and around the south side of Brecon to join the A470 south towards Merthyr. From just north of Merthyr towards and through Ponsticill and then past the lakes/reservoirs to Talybont on Usk before returning along the B4558 towards the Heads of the Valley road and south of Abergavenny to retrace our steps back to Magor.

Now my question is…has anybody done this run before in your region and do you have any detailed route instructions that I could at least use for the round trip from the Abergavenny area? I dont have anything with any kind of detail much beyond what I have described above. My only other option would just be to draw the route on a map for participants but that probably would be to a larger scale than I would prefer and I dont have time just now to get across there to do the run in advance.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Please feel free to respond via the forum or via a private mail. Thanks, Peter 

Try using Google maps to map out the route and then from there you can print out directions.

Might be an idea to check with both S. Wales ACs to ensure there isnt a run already organised in the area? 

 10/10 for your enthusiasm Peter - glad to see someone keen to organise an event.


We need to consider a few points first:


Events need to be organised through club officials, usualy the Area Co-ordinators at a local level. Amongst other considerations;

  • This ensures the organiser has the appropriate liability cover protecting them (not to be underestimated, is that!)
  • Avoid clashes with other events - would be dissapointing for others -normally club members very much like yourself - who have invested a lot of time and effort and often petrol in organising an event.
  • Appropriate advanced publication can go on the various mediums to allow the wider membership to be aware of the event.

Again, thank you for your enthusiasm and spirit, it’s this attitude that keeps our club thriving and being such a great bunch of people to be involved with. I’ll drop you a PM when I get home from work this evening so that we can progress your ideas further.


Best regards,



Thanks Martyn, look forward to receiving your PM.

Just for additional clarity, our ACs are aware of this, in fact they are encouraging it.  We haven’t set a date for it yet, other than it will likely be in August or perhaps early September to avoid clashing with the National at Prescott.

Once agreed, we do publish our runs quite widely through our area meetings and via our regional forum.

However, how many cars we might get is open to debate, perhaps 6- 12 though given that I have led two runs so far in torrential rain in previous years and looking at the summer we are having just now we may be lucky to get 1 at this rate Big Smile  I know the roads quite well and love the area so would be nice to introduce a few of our region to it.

More than happy once we have agreed the route and a date in due course to run it past you guys to avoid any clashes (or even if anybody local wants to join in)

Ah, I see where the confusion arose now Peter.


You’ve posted a Western Area run in the South WalesArea forum. We have a loose division in the South Wales area, Eastern and Western. That’s what threw me when you posted “Western region run” within the South Wales area forum.


No need for a PM now. Give us a shout when you know what is what. You may be interested in a big joint run we’re having with the Cornish 5’s, up a little north of the proposed area of your run, on 19th August. All welcome, as long as you let the organiser know beforehand. More details of this run will be published soon, I’ll drop you the link when the data is up.


EDIT Phew, the move worked!


I’m sure there will be several from all parts of South Wales who will be up for this run.


I’m just going to try and move the thread over to Western region forum. (Wish me luck, never tried it before on this web site).

I’m not sure why this would be moved to the Western region forum when I am seeking help from people in S Wales who are unlikely to read this when it’s in the Western section.

Peter, nobody is being nasty or negative towards your proposed prospective run, just that there are a few courtessy protocols to consider when trooping an organised OC run through another areasarea. Am not sure how helpful thebanging head on wall` emoticon is really? 


No offence or upset intended Peter.

I’ve now sent a PM explaining the background. When you get a chance, please reply. I will be available later this afternoon to follow up, if needed.


Best regards,




Thanks for the PM Martyn, all now clear and I have responded directly to your message. Talk about appalling coincidences.

So, if anybody does have any detailed instructions for the area I would really appreciate seeing them… And when we do fix a date we will be sure to let you guys know as a matter of courtesy and if some of your area want to meet up with us.

By way of an update I have received some additional, very helpful information from a Welsh member. 

Right now we are potentially looking at doing the run on 19th August but I will confirm in a few weeks.

Hi Peter

This could be interesting
SWMOC are in south Wales (as opposed to mid Wales - eg Brecon) so we’ll keep an eye out for you(well, i will if i get the time off lol)

Anyway - shame you’re meeting at Magor since a run up the Wye valley usually goes down very well and then Monmouth* - Skenfrith - Abergavenny** -
>>> A40 to Crickhowell - left to Llangattock - right to joing the southern reaches of the B4560 (one of my fave roads in that area) - run left toward Beaufort and then double back to Llangynidr.

‘Stay’ on B4560 (ie go left on B4558) then right back on to B4560 - across narrow bridge >> A40
Left and then Right for Llangors (on B4560 again)

Leaving Llangor - B4560(yup there’s that road again) >>> Talgarth (northbound)
then go for Hay On Wye*** (hope this isn’t too far north for ya… bring jumpers just in case Wink)
In Hay turn RIGHT on to B4348 just after Cinema Bookshop and follow out of Hay toward Bredwardine the B4348 becomes the B4352. You can either turn Right (so staying on the B4348) for Peterchurch and the famous Golden Valley [inc more traffic] or carry on thru Bredwardine heading for Madley, and Clehongar and then joining the Hereford >> Abergavenny road nr Belmont - A465

Go RIGHT (south) toward Aber. -

HERE opp. SHELL garage turn left on to B4348 (again) >> Much Dewchurch >> Wormelow
RIGHT on to A466 >> Monmouth

IF you are short on time then in Wormelow there is a LEFT for A49 & Ross On Wye so you can head for Gloucester after there

Hope that isn’t too muddled

It may seem long and probably is but most runs i do have me doing good mileage
I was in Avebury the other day doing test runs for the National Rally runs.
We’ve also been to Devizes on an OC run.
As you’ll see, i am not in south west mids or south Wales

Asterisks = useful toilet stops (picnic at lake not included - am hoping they exist there lol)

*Monnow bridge car park (or sneak in to the Robin Hood)
**Abergavenny bus station (mind the bikers)
***Hay main car park off Oxford Rd.

Clapping hands in the air

 I have a set of pace notes for Epynt ranges if they are open, only a short blast from Crickhowell. Rolling eyes  Don't know

i do enjoy a good run across there, Mal Thumbs up
Mind, whilst videoing a run the vid shows how a lad in a 306 tried to have a coming-together Shock


Just to add, in the event of inclement weather Thinking there’s always this place near Llangors


Bronllys LD3 0LH.

01874 711904

Restaurant with a Mexican feel. Breakfasts, lunches and evening
meals. Home made cakes & desserts. TexMex & salads from
7pm. English, vegetarian & children’s menu available.

Original art work on display and for sale.

Private room available, Booking advisable for evenings.

Opening times:

9am-9pm except Sun/Mon/Tue from January-Easter 9am-6pm. Closed
24th December to last week in January.

also works well as a cafe —er… which it is Geek

Just a quick note to thank all for their recent inputs. There is some good stuff here and anything we may not use this time can always be put to use in the future.

What a nice, friendly, helpful club this is Big Smile

 Have you got a confirmed date for this yet? My diary is getting full of Car shows and the 19th August is the Tewkesbury one . . . . .

Hi, yes, it’s going to be August 19th meeting at Magor services on the M4 for a 1030 departure.  We will also stop at Abergavenny Bus station to pick up some extra folk from the SE Wales region.

August 19 th seems to be the best date to suit the majority of folk

 Look forward to meeting you all on the 19th, nice to catch up with some friends weve met before.