Hoop rubbing on the Mk4 ND

Thanks, will give them a go, as soon as my car will be out of Mitchell’s, it sure as hell not going back there again

Totally shocking. One of the reasons I detest people working on my car.
Good job naming and writing a full account. Maybe do google reviews and other social media outlets (I presume you never took pictures, but then I wouldn’t blame you; I could only imagine the anger you felt when seeing it, and probably just stormed back in).
Places often don’t improve unless poor workmanship is exposed (via social media reviews) for legions to see.

You’re right I was fuming and didn’t think about taking many photos, attached though is the passenger hoop cover and top roof lever assembly.


Absolutely horrendous mate. Surely a candidate for the worst dealership work ever. Literally my eyes and brain can’t coordinate to make me understand how someone could do that. Even someone totally not into cars would notice this. Even ore so when bits fall off.
Odd question, but it looks so bad, did someone hand it back to you BEFORE it was actually finished, you know, admin got their wires crossed and thought it was completed when the job was only half way through? I mean, it’s that bad you’d think surely there’s got to be another reason.

Feel your pain. Hope this all works out for you.

Mind you, another discussion is WHY this hood rubbing is still occurring itself on cars 7-8 years down the line of production. That is abysmal.

They have actually asked on Thursday for one more day to get it finished, told them I’m happy to give them time till Monday if needed as rather they get it done right than rush it.

But other than that I have not got a clue, something must have gone horribly wrong on their side, can’t imagine this is norm for them as would be out of business by now.

Nevertheless raised an official complaint with Mazda UK for them to investigate, and for myself to give me more ammunition in case any further faults come to light after those repairs.

As for roof issues still present after this model been so many years on the road, totally agree that this is not acceptable, no idea what Mazda is thinking here.

Don’t be too hard, they’re ’ specially trained’ Mazda technicians after all :astonished:

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Yet another update, Mitchell’s Mazda fixed all the broken trim elements, apparently checked roof for leaks and wind noise, I was even presented with a bottle of wine and a discount on next two car services .

Great right … except not really as the roof was fitted incorrect, or at least inner liner was not fitted as it should. Supposed to be supported by metal bar from inside, but instead was fitted under it, as a result hangs on top of crash hoops covers, a sits on top of drivers head.

Car goes back yet again tomorrow, no idea whether whole roof will need to be stripped again, or if it was damaged in the process or how this can be fixed.

But one thing is for sure, this is absolutely their last chance to fix this, any more mess and this goes to Motor Ombudsman.

Absolutely had enough of them.

Can’t make this up.
I presume you’ve had the car longer than 6 months? As if not, you could reject it.
Clearly they need to get a specialist in, someone skilled and experienced, as opposed to maybe being a first ever hood fit, looking at a service instruction manual as they go along.
Hope this works out for you. Total nightmare.

Will have it 6 months in July, issue with roof was reported 2 months ago hence still very likely that I could get this rejected and get a full refund.

Which I will pursue if they mess this up again.

I’d do it anyway. Who knows what you’ll find further down the line, and if the 6 months pass before an official rejection declaration goes in , it ‘might’ get a lot messier. They’ve had their chance to repair it (two now).

How did this pan out?

Collected the car on Saturday, only to find out that something loose was rolling inside the roof.

Turned around and asked kindly for keys to “my” curtesy car.

Again had a message today that the car is ready, picked it up, drove home, all looks, sounds and feels ok, at least for now. In the end they’ve only had a month to fix it.

However, someone at their place has managed to decorate my car’s bonnet with a fancy dent and scratches.

It is not a massive dent but fact is that they have damaged the car, and it stick out like a sore thumb.

Motor Ombudsman requires for me to raise this with Mitchell’s first but depending on their reply will see what happens, but I absolutely had enough of them.

See attached photos


This is pretty appalling on an ongoing basis, I suppose they are managing to ‘surprise’ you which is one of their aims…

Integrity at Mitchell Mazda is very important, plus humour and a passion for delivering extraordinary customer experiences. The entire team like to surprise our customers, from purchasing a London taxi in our corporate livery to take customers to the Cheshire Oaks shopping centre, providing customers with bacon sandwiches and offering free Saturday car washes to anyone buying a car from us.

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For sure … not a big fan of their sense of humor though

Mitchells always had a decent reputation, on the Skoda side of things at least. Mazda… clearly less so!

Unreal. You would think they would just get in one of the top Mazda technicians from somewhere else in the country just to get the job done. Ludicrous.

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Another ‘last chance’.
Just reject the car. Simples.

And if you haven’t read up on the ‘Motor Ombudsman’, grab some popcorn before you do.

Yeah, I’m screwed on that front as car was not purchased originally from Mitchell’s, they are just the closest dealer which I’ve chosen for repairs. Hence rejecting the car is possible since original dealer is aware of the issues … but that would be a voyage thru hell.

It might not be. You’ll never know until you try.

If you paid for part of the car on a credit card contact them.