Ignore option?

Is there an ignore option on this forum? Many other forums have one, and it might be useful.

 If you are thinking of ignoring certain posters this is as useful as grit salt is to a Mk2.

On a bike forum that I use this facility is available.  A certain guy (lets say “A”) over there gets upset over something he takes great delight in announcing to the poster (lets say “B”) that he is now on his “ignore list” and will not see any postings by that person.

However, if “B” posts up something new “A” cannot see it but if “C” replies and quotes “B”'s post then “A” can see it as “C” is NOT on “A”'s ignore list!  This results in “A” asking all other forum members not to quote “B”'s posts making “A” look sader than he already is…


Not as far as I’m aware.


That’s a real shame. Having been harassed by PM by a member who doesn’t like his lack of knowledge being shown up, an Ignore User function would be extremely useful

[Edited] On this latest upgrade there is the option to mute a topic. Tracking dialogue is at the bottom of the thread.

Thank you. At stage 2 above, I cannot see a 3-dot menu. However, there does seem to be a choice between “Normal” and “Muted”, where “Muted” is a (partial, at least) Block.

@IanH Your information relates to Discord the online communication platform, not Discourse the new forum software.
@Philip A google search shows that Muted does appear to be the only Discourse way of doing it.

As an aside, I kept having to check my typing whenever I mentioned Discourse since I use Discord and they’re so similar in name.

:confounded: - too many windows…

So while creating this I stumbled across a section where it appears that you can now Ignore users…

Not sure if this is a recent development or not but thought it was worth sharing.