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Can anyone help. I’m horrified. My insurance premium has gone up from £170 last year to £290 this year. The only difference is I now have 1 years no claims bonus on my Mazda which should help the price not hinder it. I’m currently using Adrian flux as my broker. What other classic car companies do people use. I tried to get them to justify the huge increase but the only response I got was “it’s down to the insurance company what they charge”. Not really helpful. I’ve got 2 weeks to try to get a better price. Many thanks

try somewhere else. AF wanted to charge me over £1000 for my Audi A4 2.0 diesel. Churchill did it for £400


Apparently the sweet spot for getting quotes is 3/4 weeks prior to your renewal date. I’ve waited 1 week, even 1 day before doing anything about getting quotes.

My insurers I think purposely wait (delay) my renewal price getting to me, who knows, in the hope I just renew.
I’m certainly not going to wait this year, get a few quotes then get in there and let them tip tappy on their data base and wait for the excuses why it’s increased so much.


Check the Lancaster advert in the front page of the magazine, there is a dedicated number there for members, can see what they might be able to do.


Thank you everyone for your comments

I phoned around too as I had a major hike from Adrian Flux this year with no changes on my side except again another year of NCB, making a total of 12.

Lancaster said they actually use the same ubderwriter as Flux - Sabre for modified MX5’s and quoted me an even higher price. So I gave in and renewed.

The whole insurance industry baffles me.

I used Lancaster, ive 2yrs ncb aged 52.
Comprehensive cover , 7500 anual miles
Car garaged
Paid £110

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The older you get/ the more NCB you accrue the less trust they have in you, up it goes.:grin:
I asked the question one year only to be told ahh well it’s how it works I’m afraid, it’s the risk factor. Also forget Saga when you get older, did nothing for me👎

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If you wanted to message me your details I’d be happy to take another look at your renewal if you wish.

still awaiting your reply

Insurance premiums are up generally - I insure three different cars and it’s a consistent theme. I suggest you run your details through a well known comparison website and also try one or two other brokers or insurers that only deal direct. I’ve found A-Plan to be good for a modified MX-5.

Read an article recently where a woman had a 50% hike on her premium (£288) and found a lower quote for a lower excess (£250) from the same insurer on a comparison website.
This is sharp practice with existing customers and she contacted her insurer and threatened to press the “cancel” button and complain to the FCA. The insurer came back with an offer to match the lower quote.
I won’t mention the insurer for fear of embarrassing Churchill.

I have a 6 wheel policy through Carol Nash which only went up £30 this year, so I renewed. Covers my NB and my 650 V Strom Suzuki, including European breakdown.

That is exactly what I did.
I rang them and they told me to go with the one on the comparison site, as I was going to be a ‘New Customer’ and they couldn’t match it with my renewal quote…

Thanks to all your comments. I took advice and shopped around. I’ve managed through money supermarket to get it down to £195 which is 95 cheaper. I actually also took my partner of which made a bit of difference as I’m to precious about my car to actually let him drive it😂. Also if you have a Quidco cashback account I’ve got £45 cashback going through money supermarket so total insurance 150 which is much better

It really peeves me that insurance companies say that they can match or better other like for like quotes. I refuse to get taken in by them as they should just be offering better prices from the get go

And as for women having a higher premium… Don’t even get me started on that one🤬

Thanks for the offer Dan but I shouldn’t have to fight to get my current insurer to give me a good price it should have been good from the start. I’ve now gone elsewhere this year


Sorry Richard for not replying. I’ve managed to do some shopping around and have bought the price down by almost 100. Pays not to accept their renewal prices

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I thought that practice was now against the law.
Quoting new customers less than existing ones.

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In theory