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New to MX-5 stuff but often take other cars/motorcycles abroad and like the sound of the Netherlands meet next year.  Tried the contact and email bounced back from the Club directing me to the web site - which is where I got the contact in the first place!  Anyone know how to get info about this meeting?  As we are in Orkney, we would use Hull/Rotterdam or Newcastle/Ijmuiden for the crossing.  I see that Scenic Car Tours offer a discount so is there a Club Trip planned?






Many thanks for the link - looks like a great place. We’ll contact them and see what we can put together. We’ve been many times to that area - we have a friend in Leeuwarden, Friesland so can visit there too.
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Wow deffo interested in this  Love the Netherlands!

I’m thinking of going to the meet via the Hull- Rotterdam. I’ve not booked yet but might see you there


Hi everyone has anybody got any information on the route and hotel from N.Ireland to Holland .

Hi Trev,

Are you thinking about next years MIM2020 in Holland? 

Alan & Helen

This looks great, really fancy going to this! 

Yes we are trying to get information on hotel to book rooms and ferry.

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We are intending to go on this, and have met up with the organisers when we went over to the Norwegian Rally earlier this year.  

The link is  for 21st - 24th May 2020 at Duiven.      Personaly we are still awaiting more detailed info on    timings, etc before we confirm & pay deposits.   

Bearing in mind everyone has different ideas and travel plans, from different ports & timings it seems unlikely that a common grouping could be arranged,  and this would perhaps be the best option for everyone to sort their own travel arrangements, which is what happened for Norway, and worked well.  

We suspect that the Dutch will arrange to meet people if they wish at the Hook of Holland ferry port. 

We are also looking at what options we have to transfer money accross to the orgamisers, and I have asked if they are planning a paypal account which would minimise bank fees, but have no confirmation yet on this aspect.

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nb.   Martin has asked us to mention that the MX-5 Owners Club UK has no involvement with the organising of this event. 

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Alan & Helen, 

Area Co-ordinator ~ South Central

The Netherlands club has (presumably) reserved the hotel and has asked for payment to them.  It’s in this link.  A double room is €598.  That includes 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners, parking, and a road book.

I paid by bank transfer as specified by the club.  First Direct didn’t charge me but they did bury about £25 in their exchange rate compared with what I would have got paying with my Halifax Clarity card (other cards are available of course but the Clarity card doesn’t charge a currency fee - a good one to take with you).  






For members that are attending the 2020 MiM 

I now have a new contact at Stenna.

If you are traveling with Stenna I should have a discount code and contact details be early November.

Now I’m confused! Yes, I know that’s easy but some of these posts indicate ASSEN but the MIM 2020 Info on the Dutch site says DUIVEN which is near ARNHEM and about 100 miles (160Km) S/W of ASSEN.


Which is correct, or are there 2 different meetings?



Hi Ian,

Seems like Assen was their earlier proposed location which has now been changed to Duiven  

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That’s great Alan, 

thanks for the update - either would have suited us but Duiven is near the big Nature Park Hoge Veluwe and well worth a visit, plus Arnhem of course!


Hope to see you all there in our ’new to us’ NB Icon - I’ve not had a confirmation from the Dutch organisers as expected from the info on their site after registering,  so I must get back to them on that - perhaps an email glitch?






Correct, I gather they couldn’t get a good rate from the hotel in Assen. 

Edit.  Crossed with last post.  I got a fairly quick response to my initial registration, back in July, so if that is what you mean I would chase it if it’s been more than a week.

It took considerably longer to get a confirmation that my subsequent payment was received - several weeks.  I think Herko had been on holiday, a number of us had our confirmation at the same time.


Disappointed now, no replies from Holland, in spite of registering and registration is suspended due to higher than expected volume.  Obviously not paid as I’m waiting for the reply to do that!  If the registration comes back on line I’ll try again.


Looks like we’ll be going some other place instead, sometimes I hate computers!



Same here.  Thought a spin in the 5 through Holland would be great but disappointed that I’d missed the boat.


For anyone who has successfully registered for MIM 2020, I have today had a group travel discount confirmed by Stena Line for travel via Harwich-Hook, out on 20 May 2020 and return on 24 May 2020. The group (mainly South West Midlands area members and another five cars from NI) are using the night crossings but the code appears to cover the day crossings on these dates too.

The deal should you wish to take advantage of it is, quote:

"You will receive 20% discount on current online prices for vehicles, passengers and cabins.

Each customer must quote offer code MX5 to receive this discount.

Prices may increase the busier the sailing becomes."


I have clarified that the discount will apply to 20 - 24 May 2020, Harwich-Hook of Holland. It should work for a single leg for those only using the route one way.

Note the part about increasing prices. “Current” means whatever applies at the time you book. My suggestion would be to book as soon as you can to avoid any price rises or of course the crossings selling out.

You should book online and quote the offer code MX5. Payment will be taken at time of booking and cancellation terms will be as applicable to whichever fare class you book i.e. economy, flexi or premium. Note that for the economy fare there are no cancellation refunds.

If you aren’t able to book online I suggest phoning the Stena Line Group Travel Centre on 01255 202352 and quoting the above discount code MX5.

If you have any problems with the above please message me and I will try to help sort it out.