Issue with hood on ND

Hi there, I have just taken ownership of a 2016 2.0 ND model.

I’ve noticed in the occasional times I have had the roof up (pesky rain) that the roof material at the top of the glass seems to come unattached from the plastic beading.

My dexterous wife is able to get it back in and then it sits flush again. Alas the next time the roof is top down and back up again the material has come out again, flopping down to obscure the already limited rear visibility!

Any suggestions on how to keep it fixed in the beading, has anyone else had this issue?


I thought that was a known problem covered by warranty? A knowledgeable MK4 owner will be along shortly with more definite info

This may be what you’re experiencing:

and some earlier discussion.

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Thanks both and that is some detailed document! I am guessing at almost 4 years old the car is not under warranty. Presumably it is something the Mazda dealer can do?

Worth asking the dealer if they will cover it under the TSB, nothing ventured etc… print out and take a copy.

I have heard of people fixing it themselves too.

It occasionally does that on my 2015 ND and I just fold it back in on itself, it’s quite easy once you can see how it goes, and then it doesn’t happen again for quite some while. I believe that the dealer can fit clips to hold it in place, but I’ve never bothered as I don’t find it a serious issue.

Hi just like to say I’m a fairly new member in Locked down Anglesey North Wales, now retired and on my 4th MX5 (over 15 years) which is a 2016 ND. I had the same problem and thanks to a combination of your help and the Miata website in the US, I have been able to download the dealer fix guidelines and the problem currently is fixed… Fingers crossed

If it is the subject of a TSB you could argue that it is a known design fault even if it is no longer under Mazda warranty.

I spoke to a couple of Mazda dealers and as car out of warranty they weren’t too keen on committing alto anything. In the end I have ordered the clips and will have a go myself!!

Hi me again, the inner liner became detached again during the winter. Sitting one wet afternoon during lockdown, I decided to email Mazda UK and basically complain about the fact that this was a known issue with no recall. Would you believe it, I received a reply saying that although they do not accept it being a safety recall they have spoken to my local Mazda dealer (Pentraeth). it was from there that I had purchased it from, to be fair they offered to do the mod at no cost to me. It’s now been completed, trouble is haven’t had chance to get the roof down yet…
Might be worth anyone else suffering the same problem going down the same route.

That’s good to know. The wife and I had a go and doing it ourselves, and with some carefully applied superglue o along the edge it appears so far to have worked. Had it up and down a few times when the sun shone down in sunny Essex and appears ok so far!

Word of warning with Pentraeth, they are a bunch of liars and can’t be trusted. Its good that they have sorted the issue, but just be wary of them, I’ve had no end of trouble with them and refuse to go back there now. Rhys (Service Manager) lied to me during liaison with Mazda UK about my gearbox issues and Josh (Brand Manager) was no help either, they also lied about puncturing one of my tyres on a separate occasion when it was there for its second service. Mazda ofcourse weren’t interested and wouldn’t comment on dealer issues.

Fingers crossed and hope to have the roof down on the weekend shopping trip Costa de Anglesey