JAB JAB.. age 54

Going for my covid vaccine on friday , aged 54 :+1: :+1: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Great news Geoff! Take care.


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soon be on a ride out pal :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :red_car: :red_car: :red_car: :red_car: :red_car:


Going for my 1st jab tomorrow, aged 59 :+1:



Yes! Glad you got sorted with a 5! Looking good :+1:


Had mine last Friday, 55. One shot of Astra Zenica’s finest. Now bring on 29th (golf starts, stay at home becomes stay local and I’m back on the beer that day after ten weeks on the wagon)


Had mine this morning (61)
I guess I was one of the last in my age group to be done.
I must say the local surgery had a really slick operation. 15 minutes from parking the car to driving away afterwards.
A big ‘thank you’ to all those involved.


Daughter had hers recently after a good deal of faffing finding somewhere local. Now it’s son in law turn today. He’s not 40 years old yet but has a few health issues. Was told this morning he’s going over to Oxford although he lives in Swindon for the jab, doing a few tests pre jab, blood test etc then again in a few weeks. Not sure whether they’ve asked him for this or he’s put his name forward for it.

Me too - Friday PM 52 ( so my wife tells me, thought I was still 51 :rofl:)

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And me too - Friday - and 56.

NHS vaccine service texted me to say people my age could now book, but that was 3 days after our GP had texted the same info, and that in turn was 3 days after I already booked because Mrs Y told me first. :slight_smile: .

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Recieved mine 1 month back at 50 yrs, … care worker

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“must say the local surgery had a really slick operation. 15 minutes from parking the car to driving away afterwards.”

Whaaaat! Our centre this morning made drivers sit and wait 15 minutes after the jab in case of the colly-wobbles! And the cyclist too! Pedestrians were welcome to walk out straightaway and collapse somewhere else?

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I think, but I’m not 100% sure, that it depends on the type of vaccine they’re giving as to wether you’re monitored afterwards or not.
I had the AZ one, as did my wife a few weeks ago, and we both walked straight out. The people we know who had the Pfizer vaccine were held back.
I’m sure they did everything correctly.

Due mine (52) next week. Younger brother had his last week; miltary, told to go to the centre in mufti, and straight to head of the queue. Even younger sster, in her 40s, had her’s a month ago, and had a miserable 4 day long reaction, I suspect due to a false negative covid infection last year. She is a teacher, and has no idea why she was called so early. Technically, I was diagnosed asthmatic 20 years ago in Belfast (it was a misdiagnosis, but it remained on the record). But transferring the records to England, it seems they were lost. I suspect there are a lot of errors in our medical records, leading to some peculiarities in the present.

The AZ vaccine is a modified adenovirus. From that stand point, its a fairly standard vaccine (analogous to an attenuated virus vaccine). The novel bit is what it does after it infects your cells.

The Pfizer vaccine is wholly novel, and it can potentially cause changes in the body extremely quickly.

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As Overdrive has said. It seems that people who have had the Pfiser vaccine (myself, family and some friends) have to wait a timed 15 minutes after the jab to make sure there’s no immediate effects before they’re allowed to leave the facility. Others who have received AstraZeneca vaccine (some friends) have been allowed to leave the facility immediately after receiving the jab.

Some friends of mine recently had the AZ vaccine - Walk-in’s could leave straight away, but driver’s waited 15 minutes before leaving…

Hmm, I had the A-Z and they said I should wait in my car for fifteen minutes before thinking about driving anywhere.
Any signs of problems then I should return to the pharmacy (only a 2 minute walk to the car park) or phone them for assistance.

Had the AZ vaccine 3 weeks ago at the Mad-Stad in Reading, As I walked out I was asked by two people at different places if I felt ok and it was suggested that as I driver, I should sit in the car for 15 minutes before driving.

I had no side effects unlike my wife who had fatigue after her AZ jab.


No consistency then.
Oh well, at least people are getting them, unlike many in Europe…

I had the AZ variety and wasn’t given any advice before walking out and driving home.
Didn’t get a lollipop or a sticker either