Just got back from the rally!

Just to say what a great day it’s been, and well done to all who organised it. Being a new ‘5’ owner, and being on my own, there were many people who were more than happy to share their knowledge, what a great bunch, even the traders!

Pity about the weather at the end of the day, but hey!, it was good for most of it!  

When’s the next one?

I hope everyone agrees that it was a very enjoyable day, many thanks again.


Just like to say what a great week-end.

Well done to Yorkshire Ridings members for making it so.

Really enjoyed the “Heartbeat” drive roof up roof down may have

persuaded me to get an electric one next time.

Met some great people freindly and helpful kinda restores your

faith in what life all about.

Thanks till next time.

Trevor (South Worcestershire)


Enjoyed the air museum, enjoyed watching the time trials, etc,… good selection of trade stalls and car exhibits. Even tried the standing quarter. Mrs Valiant says you can’t get better value for just 4 quid.

She’s not wrong.


 Thank you for a brilliant weekend Yorkshire! We had a super time, the Ramada hotel was lovely, as was the dinner and the company was great. As usual D.J caused a stir…firstly with his tie on Saturday night and secondly with his yellow trousers today!


Thank you!!!

 Likewise, enjoyed a super day.  The weather was kind to us in the main, great to see old friends and make new ones.  As Trevor said, it really does restore one’s faith in human nature to see so many lovely people gathered together…

Well done Mick and the team…[Y]

 Could not agree more great day and weather held off until the 4 hour drive home in the rain, tired but still smiling.

Great to see old friends and make some new ones thats what owning a 5 is all about



This was my first attendence at a '5 day and I have to say it was very good and also a good venue as the air museum was a nice distraction and made it a 2 part day as we just came for the Sunday. We would have liked a few more traders stands but on the whole well done to the organisers it was a fun day and was awesome to see so many '5s in one place, I’ve never been in a car club since I was a member of the Capri Club a long time ago (now stop laughing they are still cool cars and mine ran a top spec V8) and I was impressed by the MX5OC today. Looking forward to next big one!

An absolutely fantastic weekend. The Heartbeat run was excellent and well worth going for alone. The Rally was as good as ever. I even managed a sneaky 15.05 on the standing 1/4 mile. Many thanks to all who participated in the organisation and management of the weekend. You all did a magnificent job[Y]

More than lived up to the anticipation. 

A great weekend, both socially and car wise. [:)]

A big thanks to all the organisers for all their hard work in making this a brilliant event. Those of us that have done it before, know just how much hard work is involved behind the scenes in creating a great event for all.

Best Wishes






Well done Yorkshire Ridings, thanks for a great day out. [Y][Y]

 Yeah, brilliant job Yorkshire Ridings…

Great day out despite the rainfall at the end. 

Best bit - beating my brother at the timed track event even though his mx5 has a turbo fitted :slight_smile: I haven’t stopped grinning yet…




 As I was early this morning (9.30am) , I thought I would take a shot of the cars all lined up. I then took another shot 2 hours later, I could not get them all in, even with my camera which has a wide angle lens!

Great to see so many ‘5’s’ all together!

Thanks again for a great day.




 Enjoyed yourself then :slight_smile:

I was in the black car next to you (bonnet up in the first pic.)

  Hi Doug!

Good to hear from you. Yes I did thanks, did you?

I saw that you had left earlier than me, hope to had a safe journey home. 

I have been talking to Steve tonight, he had a part I was looking for, and he is kindly sending it to me.


Great time. Nice, like-minded people, some great cars, good deal on parts, got a photo of me driving onto the ‘pan’ (parking area) from the Digital Photo guys, a new Club Cap and had a good nose around the Air Museum site too.

Left around 2-2:30 not sure exactly but 10 minutes down the road it started to spit with rain and I just got the hood up before the deluge! After that it rained on and off, light and heavy, all the way home - but it was a good run back. Traffic reasonably light and people taking heed of the road conditions for a change. Funnily enough it ‘seemed’ shorter going back :slight_smile:


I forgot about the digital photo guys, they got a shot of me going in too. Yes, I got a good deal on new top and bottom gear shift boots I needed, and some polish from Maguires.

Good to hear you got home safely, and was good to meet you today, hope to speak again soon.


I had a good day, didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I would though. Too busy chatting I expect :D

Good to hear that you enjoyed the Rally but better to hear you all got home safely

I will pass on all your thanks by cut n paste onto our group forum

thanks again for the comments but most especially for making the effort to come along 

Some great pics there Halli [;)]

Me and Gill got back to Essex at about 6.40 last night which was a great run down. Expected a lot more traffic !!
I’ll say firstly that we did have a good day. It was great to catch up with old friends from across the country, and
chat to some new ones. It’s always such a great social event and the people make it a great day.

It was good to see Kens new car (Silver Bess ?? [;)]) and loved the Mk2 that entered the ‘Hot MX5’ from Irleand.
There was some fabulous cars in the car park. One fabulous looking white Mk1 with wide arches and very wide
wheels … and I found a car that was almost a clone of mine !! Think it was from Scotland. I had to do a double-take !!

Secondly, unfortunately I must say that the ‘judging’ for the Cool catagory was ridiculous !! I know it takes so much
time and effort to put on such an event, and like I said ‘overall’ I had a good day out and was glad I came, BUT
something definate needs to be put in place for how the ‘show cars’ are judged. Although all the people that enter
agree that it still fun, it is taken seriously, and people (including myself) travelled a very long way yesterday and put
in a massive amount of effort to get our cars there and on show only to be made a ‘mockery’ off. It will get to a point
(and it’s almost there) that people are going to ged fed up and just not bother.

That said … congratulations to people that won yesterday. [;)]