Leave me alone I’m having fun

Hi all .
I’m relatively new to MX ownership and quite enjoying it after many years of yank and 4x4 and bike playing over the years .
But I seem to have had a rash of assorted Porche , BMW, general multi thousand pound sporty types blatantly thrashing past me in what seems to be some display of manly prowess and look how big and fast mine is when I’m just buzzing along at the national limit enjoying the sun and the scuttle shake . Are they stalking me ? Do I annoy them that I am happy with less than 500 horsepower or am I just very old and not driving fast enough ?
Someone please tell me I’m not just getting paranoid !


Ignore them they just a bunch of posers.
The older I’ve got I’ve tended to slow down and be more methodical in my driving. I look at enjoying my time behind the wheel, what I’ve got left of it😁
I go out each day telling myself, don’t let anyone spoil my day today, wide berth if driving. It always amuses me when taking off at traffic lights, there’s always one that wants a race. They always end up racing on their own, not me.:grin:
Love a little twisty B road action at times though, when there’s no other racey types in sight of course :+1:


In 7 years of MX5 ownership I’ve never really had this problem.

I let them go and then pull up behind them at the next junction/traffic lights.
They always look in their rear view mirror and always see a smiling face looking back at them.
Usually annoys the hell out of them and they roar off to do it all over again.
MX driving is great fun and you don’t need 500 horses in there to enjoy the ride👍


You are not paranoid - they are! We are obviously threatening!!!
Enjoy your car - fun to drive, great round bends + so many good points, too many to mention.
Why break the speed limit? - why don’t they go thrash round a track on a track day if they want to test their acceleration etc? - not on our public roads.

It reminds me of the old sketch - I’m better than him… because…
I know my place and it’s a good one!
Wishing you many happy drives!


They are probably knobs deep down.
Perhaps feel challenged in the (cough) “trouser dept”.
Just think of their depreciation stats.
Just think of yours holding it’s own even it’s price increasing at the moment.
Anyway to get back to knobs, they are sometimes but not always immature knobs.
Actually we have a neighbour with a very pricey newish Porker, local solicitor.
She takes neighbours’ kids out in it for short spins if they are old enough for seat belt rules just for fun.
Consequently, she never has issues not being a knob.
Nobody touches that car, but there are a few older nice teens who do a great job washing it. She’s clever.
Also runs a Food Bank. She’s a great, very popular local “big cheese” knob.


The boy racers from the dodgy estates in their loud and lowered Astras are the ones that worry me, especially at night. Usually a car-full of them and who knows what exotic state of mind they might be in or what nefarious errand or activity they might be in the middle of. Road rage can have very serious consequences these days. Best to let them past at the earliest opportunity and avoid eye contact.


Perhaps in Norfolk we have a glut of confidence frail people with lots of cash for overpriced exotica :grinning:

Elaine !! You have struck the root of the problem ! They are paranoid. ! They are probably tortured by nightmares of marauding hoards of “hairdressers “ in floral shirts hunting them down in MX5s
They can run on the straight bits but the blow wave massive will always get them in the bends :joy::joy:


In summer, any on-road parking spaces in the Burnhams on the north Norfolk coast (colloquially known as Chelsea by the sea) are choc-a-block with second-home Range-Rover owners with their plummy over-loud voices, all with a sense of entitlement, pouring scorn on the local population.
It’s a case of driving through these villages very cautiously taking avoiding action whenever necessary to miss the over-wide hulks, and only opening the throttle after a while on the open B-roads.
I hope I don’t come across as too biased especially to any readers in the affluent areas of London or the home counties :grinning: :grinning:.


Everything mentioned above happens to us all.

The one thing I have to talk about is scuttle shake. I know what scuttle shake is. Many years ago I had two Escort Cabrios, both owned from new. I never did work out who was driving the back of the car while I was driving the front.

It shouldn’t be a problem on MX-5s though. I’ve had four. Two NA, one NC and one ND. Only one of them had any scuttle shake, the first NA. This was purely down to worn door bushes. Replacing them cured it and the car felt so much more solid.

Check your door bushes. If they are worn replace them, if not check that they are adjusted correctly. If the bottom of the doors aren’t firmly held when shut there is something wrong.

Actually it’s not terrible . The little car is pretty tight . It was a passing quip as I noticed it the other day . (Whilst minding my own business and being accosted by one of the aforementioned exotica drivers .)
I am in Norfolk so the roads are appalling. It appears the car has a stiffer than normal suspension pack all be it standard ride height and I’m on 40 profile tyres .
So I guess a shake or two will happen.
However ! I did once own a Saab cabrio with very low tyres and that would literally open its own doors on a country road . Also a T top Trans Am which would visibly twist along its length . Sad that most kids will never know the true joys of real motoring .


Don’t panic us like that! Thought we were going to be a man down for a minute.

Got some crappy roads here in Lincs too. Guess it’s pretty much the same all over the UK.

However rough the road it’s still better in an MX-5.



@ Stevewall…59… ( club ? )
I think I can beat your sentiments …. I’ve had those 500+ horsepower jobs, and would probably be one of those going past and poking fun at little roadsters …. Not now though. I have now downsized to a little MX5NC That can still almost do twice the legal speed limit, Is a dozen times more reliable. Doesn’t take over £3000 + for a service and cam belt change and goes three times as far for £ 10 quid, Oh And I can leave it anywhere without prying envious eyes scrabbling about in their pocket for something sharp ! Forgot to mention the joy of flipping the top back and listening to John Denver …best regards from Ray down in Essex …


Crappy roads you say. Ah so you have got a few million potholes up your way too then ? Don’t know where all the money must be going !!

Keep it clean…

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There’s not many hills to go down in Norfolk. So no petrol saving possible in neutral ! ( an important activity at £9 a gallon )
I’ve heard the Dutch Mountaineering team go there for their training , On a slight incline just outside Hunstanton …. I think I saw their base camp on the pavement at old Hunstanton…

I can’t agree with you more👍.

I’ve been visiting The Burnham’s regularly for the last 30 years and I do remember when I could get a space for my 340 Volvo at any time of the day, even without the car park!!

I wouldn’t go in anything other than my MX, as it’s so easy to nip around the back lanes and away from the 4x4’s.

Pre 6.00am down the coast roads are good for me😁

Ray we don’t need hills we have the Naaarfolk MX stick It holds the roof in a vertical position and the subtle fen winds laced with natural ( muck spreading ) aromas just blow us along. Like landsailing :grinning:

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I cannot understand why Hill’s are not all designed to be Down Hill only … Think of the petrol saved … I have suggested this to the Civil Engineers at the major road construction companies, I haven’t yet had a reply ! It’s been quite a while…

Re the little fast - back’s , Some of them are so so fast…. I come across one when I was out in my Jaguar Super charged R … I thought to myself
“ I’ll show the little twit a thing or two … Sadly “ He showed me “ a thing or two… It went so fast I didn’t get a good look at it, all I saw was four exhaust pipes disappearing into the far far distance , At the later traffic lights The b.u.g.g.e.r Sat waited for me I was too embarrassed to look at him so I pretended to unwrap a toffee as if I hadn’t even tried to race him,
I think it was either a VW or a Honda …