Light at the end of the tunnel

Hopefully, this development is a turning point. Well done to all the teams of scientists involved.


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A scientist observes the light, considers what it might be, analyses it and draws conclusions!

I heard on the radio, a Russian saying that a pessimist is an optimist who is better informed.


Storing at minus 80C will be a bit of a challenge for your average GP practice :thinking:

Yes, there will be many challenges to overcome for sure.

Not in Falkirk.
Just stick it on the doorstep.


Scientists are by nature naturally cautious and aren’t usually the type to make grandiose statements. This development therefore appears to be a milestone in the search for an effective, safe vaccine. Things can and do go wrong as we all know and setbacks occur, but I for one am pleased and encouraged by the news, which I’m sure we’ll all hear a lot more about. Good news is in pretty short supply at the moment so some positivity has to be a good thing surely.



Lol, :rofl::rofl::snowflake:

I believe being a pessimist or an optimist makes no difference to the outcome of anything , but the optimist has an easier time of it. :rofl:

Apart from the constant disappointment …

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At least the pessimist gets to say " There…bl**dy told yaz!" and are far less disappointed with outcomes.

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:rofl: :rofl:

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There will be those who will see it as a conspiracy by the Government.

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Talking about tunnels, the A303 tunnel under Stonehenge has been given the DCO go-ahead by Shapps.

After having a look at the way they propose to do it, it seems pretty good, and should be a great improvement. I can’t see why it has taken so long. The only better scheme was to close the A303 and remove the traffic entirely.

Not the problem you quite envisage. The vaccine is stable enough for 4-5 days in a normal medical grade fridge/freezer. The challenge is in the “ultra cold chain”, and ensuring “just in time” deliveries of vaccines to the point of use. That is manageable in a country like the UK. Where it gets challenging is if a container of vaccine sits on a runway for a few days. Its not like this vaccine will actually occupy that much space.

Buy shares in British Oxygen (BOC). They’ll provide the liquid N2, dry ice, used in the vans delivering vaccine around the country.

The issue may resolve itself if the manufacturer develops and field a lyophilized (freeze dried) version.

Th Pfizer vaccine won’t be distributed “read to use”. It will need dilution before use. Given that, it’s mostly likely to be used in a hospital setting in the first instance, where storage is not an issue. In anycase, healthcare workers are already indicated to be the first group to receive a vaccine. The government has 11 levels (priority groups). I’m in the 10th level, unless they find something wrong with me.

The Moderna vaccine is ready for use, and not so labile.

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We found it last week on our walk.

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Much in line with what I’ve read. There will undoubtedly be challenges. Will we have enough trained people to safely and correctly administer these vaccines? I hope when it’s my turn I get somebody who isn’t shattered and has appropriate experience.

Very enlightening…thanks!