Link Bar Text Colour Change

I am not sure if this is intended or not an how recent it was but, when did the text colour of the link bar change…?



Personally, I found the white much easier to read



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I doubt it’s intentional, @khalid @Smiffy could you check?

Me too

What browsers are everybody using?

I using Waterfox (on Windows 10) and the text is white for me.

The text is black for me using Chrome, Firefox and Edge (on Windows 10).

My bad, should have put this originally, tested in Firefox, Chrome and Edge on Windows 10.
Same behaviour across all.

Also tested in Safari on iOS (iPhone 12 mini) which has change since I last used a mobile (when creating Learning the Ropes of MX5OC Forum on Discourse)



Notice how the top hamburger menu on the blue banner is now on the left with a black dot to the left of it (ignore the red box on the first image, take from an example on the linked post above)

Hmm - just tried using Vivaldi, Brave, Edge, Firefox and Chrome - get black text with all of them. But still getting white text with Waterfox (my default browser).

UPDATE: Tried logging out and in again. Still getting white text with Firefox.

Might be cached information on your default, if you hit ‘Ctrl’ + F5 does it change to black?

From inspecting the links it appears to be tied to some css:

If I modify the value in the red box to ‘secondary’ it displays as it did before.

Nope - <CTRL>-F5 makes no difference.

The only other thing that I can think of is that I’m using a dark theme in Waterfox (so normal messages appear as white text on black background) and that might also be affecting my title bar.

EDIT: If you go to Preferences > Interface > Theme on this site, what is it set to? Mine is set to “Dark”.

FURTHER EDIT: OK, if I set my Theme to “Light”, I get dark text on the tool bar. (That will also explain why I saw it on my other browsers, as I wasn’t logged in when I was trying them). When I set the Theme back to “Dark”, I again get white text on the tool bar.

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I’ve played as well and now have a rather nice lemon yellow:

CSS updated, header bar restored, closing thread.