Mallory park convoys

anything like this being organised?

I’m up for it, we will be travelling from the Pontefract area of West Yorkshire.

i shall be leaving stourbridge about 9 ish. will no doubt find someone to tag onto…[:D]

Any convoys going from the north west (Preston)?

Im looking for a tyne tees sort of area one :slight_smile:

 Hi I’m looking for people interested coming from the Guildford / Woking / Camberley etc area.

Maybe meet on the M40 services?

 There will be a Yorkshire Ridings group leaving from Ferrybridge, check out in the week prior for details. 


 Excellent and Ferrybridge isn’t to far from me either[:)]

 Hi Gazza, My son and I will be going to Mallory, we live in Yateley.  What time did you have in mind to meet at the services on the M40.

 I’m going to bring up my 10 year old daugther also.  As we’re near Yateley we could meet up at the meadows?? say 8 - 8:30’ish  let me know. I expect its going to take about 2  - 2 1/2 hours to get there. 125 miles

 Hi, what time is the YR group leaving Ferrybridge and where from? I am away with work Wed to Fri so cannot make the social evening, I live in Ferrybridge.

Phil Thornton

member 19865 

 Hi, I live in Ferrybridge and would like to tag along, what time are you leaving and where from?  I am away with work Wednesday to Friday so cannot make the social evening on Wednesday night.

Phil Thornton

Mamber 19865


Peaks and Pennines will be leaving at 9.00 am from The Treble Bob car park at Barlbarough just off the M1.Please see our website for full details.


 Yorkshire ridings group will be leaving ferrybridge services at 8.15 on Saturday.

 South East Convoy - Saturday 12th September

 Hi Folks

The convoy will start for the South East members from M2 Services London Bound, MOTO Service Area, M2 Junctions 4-5 Rainham, Gillingham ME8 8PQ at 7.45am.

Leaving here at 7.45am Time  it is about 151 miles from these services taking 2 hrs 42 mins to get to Mallory for around 10.30am hopefully.

We will be taking the M2, M25, M1, M69 / A5460 / A563 / A47  Route so if anyone wants picking up on the way let us know

We are stopping at the South Mimms Services Junction 23 on M25 at 9am ish dependant on traffic so if anyone wants to join us they can.

Members joining convoy so far -

Sarah (Mazda Chick) and Martyn (Sat Nav Man) -  (South East)(M2 Services)

Robin - (South East )( M2 Services)

Susie Handley (South Central) (Meeting on route at South Mimms Services M25 junction 23 around 9am)

Gary Davison (South Central) (Meeting M2 Services?)

Louise and Rob Hewish  (South East)(meeting at Mallory)

Sharon Down  (South East) (meeting at Mallory)

Richard & Jan Dixon (Essex/Brentwood Area? )(yellow MX-5) joining at Junction 28 M25

Please let us know if you will be joining our convoy, or where you would like to pick up the convoy,  so we know who will be coming and not leaving anyone behind.


Sarah (Mazda chick)Smile

Lets hope its sunny

See the South East area discussion forum for more updates.



 Anyone convoying along the A47 from the Norfolk area?

 Hi Gazza, Are you still interested in travelling together to Mallory Park. If so we could meet as you suggested at the Meadows,

Just let me know what time would be good for you. 

Regards  CliveB

 Hi Clive,

I reckon it will take a couple of hours to get there so I suggest meet at 8:00 at the Tesco petrol station. I’ll sent you a private message with my phone number on…

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Hope thats ok



 Is there a convoy from the South West/Western area>