Mazda MX-5 Mk4 ND Soft Top Acrylic Wind Deflector Clear or Tinted Grey

Mazda MX-5 Mk4 ND Miata 2015 - 2020 Soft Top Acrylic Wind Deflector

2015 - 2020 models, Soft top. Not suitable for RF retractable fastback models

£50 including UK delivery, £60 including EU delivery for Clear.

£55 including UK delivery, £65 including EU delivery for Tinted Grey.

PM me for payment details and with any questions.

Designed as a replacement for the plastic mesh wind deflector fitted as standard

Around 25mm taller than the original part so should be a little more effective but without access to a wind tunnel I’m not claiming any improvement with regard to this. Any taller than this would make it difficult to open and close the roof from inside the car. I have no problems doing this with the prototype fitted to my own car.

Unlike some similar products my kit does not require any drilling or screwing into the vehicle. Bottom mounts clip in and side supporting guides are attached using genuine 3M brand tape.

5mm thick clear acrylic sheet which is laser cut to my own design which can be easily cleaned using just soap and water. Acrylic will not yellow from exposure to UV rays as polycarbonate is prone to do.

What this product does do is provide much better visibility in the rear view mirror. Even with the roof up I can see the bulge of the high level brake light in the mirror. With the roof down the view is much improved. Looks good too!

Fitting is easy following the instructions supplied. The only tool required is a screwdriver to fit the two screws holding the screen into the mounts.


Looking very smart and I like the “no drill” install. Had a German one on my NC and had to drill the covers on the loops so it’s good to see one that can be uninstalled with no visable marks or damage.

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Particularly wanted to avoid any modifications that weren’t reversible. If it is removed then the fixing tape will be destroyed but I can always supply replacement side guides, prepared and with new tape attached. However once fitted I doubt anyone will want to remove it. I’ve sold eight on Facebook and everyone is over the moon with them. Another seven going out tomorrow.


Hi, do you do it for the NC 3.75

Sorry but the NC fittings and probably the shape are different. Just for the ND.

Fitted in about 10 minutes, looks great and makes the cabin look airier and still give a good wind stopper. See my post in “mods”.

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More now available. Now in the original Clear and also in Tinted Grey. :sunglasses:

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My tinted version arrived today. After having fitted Roadie’s camera kit I was not surprised to find that the wind deflector is exactly as advertised, fits well, and came with all the bits and good instructions.

I ordered the tinted one because I thought it would look look better with the silver covered hoops on the Arctic, and for me it does.

Subjectively it reduces the blusteriness with the roof and windows down. I’m very pleased with it. The only reflection I found was in the mirror, of the back of my shoulder owing to my brightly coloured shirt and the sun behind, but I don’t see how any similar device would avoid that and I soon forgot about it.

I thought about the IL Motorsport one previously but I don’t want to drill the trim or to lose the ability easily to raise the roof from the driving seat.

If you like the looks of this one, buy with confidence.


Thanks John. Always good to hear from happy customers. :grinning:

Added to the excellent wind blocker so people can see how good it is :slight_smile:

It was a vertical transfer but as my car had been ceramic coated, it wasn’t going to stick so I cut it up and made it horizontal and honoured the wind blocker. Yes, it reads correctly (people have stuck them upside down before) and it isn’t something off the menu at the local Japanese takeaway either! :laughing:

Also shows how easy it is to remove for cleaning, I pulled the wind blocker off the same way the original would come off and then released the chrome holders once it was in the house (in case I dropped the grub screws somewhere deep and never-to-be-found in the car!

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Very nicely done.

But I’ve always had a nagging doubt that millions of Japanese people are sniggering into their sushi as we drive around with “I’m a hairdresser” on the back of our cars…

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You got me wondering what is the translation if these symbols?
I was relieved to find that Wikipedia says
“Jinba ittai is a Japanese four-character compound describing unity of horse and rider which is pertinent to Yabusame, Japanese mounted archery. It is also the design philosophy of Mazda.”(
So probably not “I’m a hairdresser” (unless Wikipedia is in on the joke :rofl::rofl:)

Made you double check!

I’m sure we have all been in on one of those jokes where everyone has been in on a wind up of someone. Even with the best planning it’s difficult to keep things going for more than half an hour before someone cracks. The idea of a whole nation keeping it going for years isn’t realistic.

Or is it? :wink:

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I read “horse and rider in harmony” but it may say “Driver Going Too Slow”

Could be worse . . .

Japanese Tattoo Mistakes


I had a T Shirt from River Island some good few years back with “Oriental” symbols across the front. I had no idea what they meant, if anything, but a local market trader on Far East holiday I was on translated them to reading “Across the Ocean”, or “Off Shore”. I was quite happy with that.

Fitted the smoked deflector and it fits and looks amazing. Highly recommend it to anyone on the fence about buying.

Thanks roadie

Three months since the first ones went out and around 80 people have come off the fence so far.

Nothing but positive comments and reviews so far. Thanks for adding your recommendation.

Got a version for the NC coming very soon too.


Out of curiosity how long and how much for the mk3 version?

Should be picking up the first batch of screens and base plates next Wednesday (19th August) so should have some kits ready to go by the end of next week. However I put a teaser thread on Facebook with some prototype pictures and I’ve now got a list of 36 interested people.

Wasn’t as easy to do as the ND version as the OEM version leaves a large gap when removed. I’m using a shaped 3mm matt black acrylic panel to cover this and attach the bottom mounts. Adds to the production costs but I’m going to do them for the same price as the ND version. £50 for the clear and £55 for the tinted.


Hi do you still have any for the mk4 ND and what’s total price inc postage.
Thanks Cliff