Mc_Bonio's British Racing Green MK1

Thought I’d start a progress blog if anyone is interested?!


I was on the lookout for a cheap (sub £1k) MX5 when this popped up locally on Gumtree. It was the first 5 I viewed but I couldn’t see any reason not to buy it!


I don’t have massive plans for it, but I do want to get it lowered slightly (maybe Eibach springs) and get some 15" alloys. Other than that I just want to keep it clean.


Anyway, here’s a couple of pics after it’s first clean in my ownership:



Today I decided to paint the wheels black. I also fitted my Alpine headunit, put in some floor mats and removed the horrid front number plate plinth!


Looks a good motor for the money, did that include the hardtop?

Good MOT history as well, no reports of corrosion.

Very lucky to find it.




Do you get any blue tits in that nestboxSmile 

Welcome to the forum - your MX5 looks great and a really tidy example.

Enjoy and happy motoring.


Yep hardtop included. It came exactly as it is in the first 2 pics, but not quite as clean 

It all looks fairly solid. There’s some rust coming through but as far as I can see no visible rot or holes.



I have no idea, it’s my parents’ garden! I will ask and report back. The only ■■■ I know of is one flying round corners in a British racing green mx5!



Thank you - I couldn’t be happier with it! 




That’ll be a great ■■■ - there are a few of us around - enjoy the car.

They always say look at a few before you buy and don’t buy the first one you look at.

Well done for ignoring the rules.

That looks an absolute stunner.

Thanks man! I went to view it expecting not to be bringing it home, but you know what it’s like! The only fault is the fact it needs a new soft top but I’m going to try and get a second hand one for around £100. Apart from that it needs nothing! 


Does anyone have any info on the headlights for this? After some research it may have sealed Beam units (or was this just the imports? Mines uk). So does this mean I have to replace the units before fitting upgraded bulbs? Or can I whack some upgraded bulbs in there? 


If you can find a mohair top with glass  window complete with frame from MK2.5 probably but MK1 - MK2.5  you would be doing yourself a favour as better, longer life and easier to fit. 

Late UK car should have H4 bulbs that can be upgraded. There is a plastic shroud around the headlamp that can be removed to inspect/replace bulbs. Turn on ignition, pop up headlamps, remove 30 amp headlamp fuse from inside main fusebox and turn ignition off. 

Great, thanks for the advice. How can I identify a mohair one from a standard one? Or is it only the mohairs which come with a glass rear screen? 


Ah ok, I might just look into a bulb upgrade then. I’m looking at either philips diamond vision or some LED ones. What’s the reason for removing the fuse prior to changing a bulb?


Mohair is the posh word for cloth as opposed  to the plasticky vinyl alternative.

The mohair more often has a glass window whereas the vinyl is usually plastic but you will find both types of window with both types of roof material.

When looking to buy a used mohair roof make sure the stitching is in good order, unless of course you are good at doing that sort of thing.

They are often £200+ to buy but I bought a complete one recently for under £100, delivered; just got to fit it.   

Aha, cheers for that. Makes sense now. I will look for a mohair one then. I’m not in a huge rush to buy, I’d just like it sorted for summer really. 



To prevent any chance of cutting your fingers off when the headlamps suddenly decide to close!

Just like to say “congratulations” on what on the surface appears to be a “solid” choice.

As one of the sadly more experienced Grim Reapers of Rust on this and other forums, may I suggest that your No1 objective should be dealing with whatever “minor” corrosion is apparent.

Often times, bubbles & “dirt-blast” on the arch rims can develop quickly given the steels are both thin and pretty bean-counted average quality.

As for the seat bolster…looks nice and saveable with the possible assistance of people like these:

As for mods…it’s yours to with what you wish, bearing in mind reversible is perhaps best given they are, in a glacial way for now, actually appreciating if absolutely the “Right Stuff”…like yours.  



Thanks for the reply 


Fortunately where I work we have have welders and sprayers who may be able to help me out if I ask nicely (and I’ll hopefully be able to get involved too!) So I’m planning to get it on the ramps soon to identify the extent of any rot. The rear arches have previously been replaced but rust is coming through again on the lip, so I’d like to sort that. Also the colour match is slightly off. 

Thanks for the liquid leather link - I will definitely look into that, as it would make the interior pretty much immaculate. 

Yep, I’ve decided I am going to add a few mods, but nothing ridiculous and definitely reversible. As you can see I’m a little obsessed with cleanliness so I will be keeping it nice!

 Here’s another photo just because. One of my faves :

Good man.

Do stop teasing!

I’m filling up here at your dedication.

Here’s mine in better days, soon off to a coachbuilder to restore the thing after me brutalising it for 16 years.

It’s retired with me & deserves a lot of pay-back. 

It does not look like this just now…nor am I letting anyone see it. Till it’s done.


Very nice find Mc_Bonio and in the best colour too !!    Like Scottishfiver says ,  concentrate on the elimination and correction of as much corrosion as you can . Lots of issues are hidden and if you can invest in or borrow a Borescope to check inside the hidden cavities it will aid your project immensely .  To give you and idea of a 30mm height reduction sitting on 15 inch wheels here’s my little green beastie today just back from it’s first proper run for the new Year . 

Every time you post your BRG, I dribble.

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