Meet Monty

Hello Hello!
Happy Friday! o/

I am a more than happy and excited future new owner of a NA aka “Monty” my forever car to be.
*For me, most cars are dudes, bikes are ladies :slight_smile:

Have had a ND some years ago but had to sell. And I just can’t get enough of NAs. Also, to be honest I just don’t really enjoy driving anything (that I can buy) that didn’t come from 80’s/90’s.

Can’t wait to get me hands on him and go for a long ride. Also, excited to go to a first meeting when possible (Southwest ideally or Scotland to have an excuse :cowboy_hat_face: )


Monty: 1994 V-Spec 1.8 - Brilliant Black


Stunning, I’ve just bought a Classic Red NA, I’m now looking at NA SE’s and black V-Specs… :rofl:

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Nice!!! RED was my favourite colour for long long years. HA! Never stop!! I understand it, I believe I’ve already found out everything I want to refurb/renew/change and I didn’t even see the car I front of me :slight_smile:

Looks Crackerjack from the photo. Alloys look peachy…etc.
If it’s ok to enquire? What’s the script with all the matt-blackery behind the shutlines? Anti rot?

Thanks man! I think it is. I suppose. The pic is pre “delivery preparation “ but info is that everything is sound so I expect black underneath.


Stunning :star_struck: that’s clean pal :+1:


Welcome !!!

Love your new ride!!

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Monty looks Drop Dead Georgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cool Name :sunglasses:

No Probs With Cars Being Dudes But

You May Need to Re-Think Your Comment ‘Bikes Are Ladies’ :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :worried: :open_mouth: :roll_eyes:

Kindest…Me and My Girl Bullit :smiley:

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Thanks! Slowly getting there. The green and tan is amazing, probably my favourite.

Monty sends another hello o/ Now with almost all lights as LED.
I plan to “remove everything” to rust proof even if good, is it a good idea? *maybe with rubberized paint.
Then with that and peace of mind, bring to a garage for dents and a full respray (it is FULL of marks)
Also, new 15"s, from the VR or latest UK 1.8s I think? Love the forum, a bit tight on time for meetings, but happy to go for a drive on weekends.

**Me and the story with number plates… Got the adhesive one as a temporary replacement…


A half decent-ish masking tape “blow over” repaint needs around £1,500.00 or so at least. Paint is actually cheap…it’s the labour & materials that costs the biggest portion.
That’s if you don’t mind paint peeling nibbling away from the rainrail and a few other places in due course.

You’d get what is referred to as a “10 foot car” which means simply it looks OK from 10 feet…or whizzing down the road.
My old slapper is a 15 foot car. No apologies for it. It’s a dry day fun tool.
I spent my cash putting a complete new chassis in, new hood and cutting rot out…plus too many other things to mention tbh…even Im getting bored thinking of it!

Point for me is I can jump in, fill the thing, then rag it’s nuts off up my local-ish glen roads and not bother if it gets dirty.

A lot for you depends on how you intend to use your Mk1.
A “1 foot car” will be £3.5k/ £4k (at least) upwards if you take it somewhere half decent, right up to £6 or £7k for a fully bagged strip out bar the engine bay. I mean, windscreen, seals, and softop fixures out…the lot. Or even more.
As for “rubberised” rot treatments? Not certain what you have in mind but I don’t like the sound of it.
Research stuff that the likes of Dinitrol & POR-15 do…but that’s one of these subjects that attracts endless debates to put it politely.

If your paint is just age related care-weary get it professionally assessed for a Pro 4 stage mop session first…about £4 or £500. You might end up happy enough at that. It would release funds to do a proper pro job doing the anti rot in the chassis which for me…is more important.

I say this from ( unfortunately) cost and experience.


Welcome Again :+1: :grinning: :smiley: :smile:

Your Plan For Monty Speaks to My Heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just to Say Thanks for Your Posts AGAIN re Your Experience re MX5 Restorations

My NB Going In This Month for Assessment

Appreciate U Pal :+1:

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You are very kind.
Thank you.
Please revert with your results…probably deserving of it’s unique thread.
Individual resto’s usually easer to follow…well for me certainly!
The thing about prices is a “quote” is all very well…until unforseen rust or issues rears it’s ugly head in the process.


I’m Not Being Kind !

Just Acknowledging Your Fabulous Posts From Humour to Experience !

Like a Kinda Long Service Medal to the MX5 O.C. Forum

Well Deserved If There Is Such a Medal ?


Hoping For the Best…Preparing For the Worse

But It’s Not Just You…I Get Inspiration and Motivation From Many Members of the Club

So Shrink That Head…I Mean…Just Cos You Survived a Heart Attack … :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

And Learn to Accept a Compliment When It Comes Your Way :ok_hand:

Enuf Said :yawning_face:


Hi there.
Welcome to the club.
Monty looks beautiful.

Brilliant talk! Gave me some direction :cowboy_hat_face:
I believe that Monty is a 20 footer :thinking:
I think that for my case that I am looking (for good or bad) for a forever car. And I do believe that it is a good base for that (will be poking our fellow members when I make to a meeting). So, will proceed with paint as it is.

I did a “comprehensive review”. I believe I will have to pay some attention to sills but I will try to do a full specialist check. I do need to fix or replace front fenders due to bad repair some point before. Thanks a lot for the tips and direction. I will go for the mechanics, electrics, first. But in general, no leaks, no apparent rust, doesn’t ask for water or oil. Going this week to review if air con is worth repairing or remove and the audio wiring was completely split at some point so will repair or replace.

Keen to have someone with mx5 knowledge to see him. It was a bit of a goofy drive before, but with the new wheels and tyres it feels like a proper serious driving car.

Cheers! o/


welcome to the club.

that NA looks real nice black.
i noticed the wheels are 4 stud, i wonder if the old 14inch 5 spoke manta alloys would fit on there!
i think they would look real nice!

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Hello Hello!
Yes, I looked them up after you mentioned it. I think that would look great!
*with a lower suspension :slight_smile:

*I replaced my 14s because of tyre options. Until something better comes up, will be PS3

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Here I am a few months later, a fair amount done to improve handling and keep everything in order. Paint: I did a 3 step Meguiars thing at home and to be honest, I am very happy with it. I will, eventually do a full paint, but around 2025? :slight_smile:
The car came back from rust protection and with very sad news to me, the previous owner masked the sills issue by amending only the external bit and it now needs “everything replaced” (not immediately, not structural, nor MOT failure, but still, the sooner the better). North of 3k… But, doing it next year. I had too many cars I didn’t really enjoy driving/caring, to know that if I give up and buy a new one I will only have to replace everything else again…

For a World without rust o/

Cheers :vulcan_salute:


Hmmm… love the shape of NA and NB. Happy driving!