Meet Monty

Hello Hello!
Happy Friday! o/

I am a more than happy and excited future new owner of a NA aka “Monty” my forever car to be.
*For me, most cars are dudes, bikes are ladies :slight_smile:

Have had a ND some years ago but had to sell. And I just can’t get enough of NAs. Also, to be honest I just don’t really enjoy driving anything (that I can buy) that didn’t come from 80’s/90’s.

Can’t wait to get me hands on him and go for a long ride. Also, excited to go to a first meeting when possible (Southwest ideally or Scotland to have an excuse :cowboy_hat_face: )


Monty: 1994 V-Spec 1.8 - Brilliant Black


Stunning, I’ve just bought a Classic Red NA, I’m now looking at NA SE’s and black V-Specs… :rofl:

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Nice!!! RED was my favourite colour for long long years. HA! Never stop!! I understand it, I believe I’ve already found out everything I want to refurb/renew/change and I didn’t even see the car I front of me :slight_smile:

Looks Crackerjack from the photo. Alloys look peachy…etc.
If it’s ok to enquire? What’s the script with all the matt-blackery behind the shutlines? Anti rot?

Thanks man! I think it is. I suppose. The pic is pre “delivery preparation “ but info is that everything is sound so I expect black underneath.

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