Miserable so and so's in Dorset!

I am disappointed in the MX5 drivers of south Dorset and Weymouth area, in the last couple weeks while buzzing around in my NC enjoying the sun. I might add I am still working and so have to use it on my commute.
I have merrily waved at every other ‘5’ I’ve seen and hardly any acknowledge the wave.
I hope you are nicer in other parts of the world!?

Moan over :slightly_smiling_face:

Yesterday, did 100 miles around N Derbyshire and S Yorks, saw maybe a dozen MX5s, only 3 waved back :frowning:

We did a run around Derbyshire yesterday including Carsington Water, Ashbourne, Bakewell and out of the 3 or 4 MX5s we saw, we only got a return wave from one vehicle.
Being a new MX5 owner my wife was even waving and we were a bit disappointed but the one positive waver made our day !!!

Maybe you were the one who returned our only wave back Goosie !

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Not all 5 owners are enthusiast.

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Well I am just over the border in Hampshire, but I frequently go to Dorset in my MK3 Sport, and I always wave!
Sometimes I get a response, but often not.
As Keat63 says - they are not all enthusiasts!!!

I am no MX 5 zealot but am certainly enthusiastic about driving mine and I do enjoy doing so. But come on , the MX5 is a very common sight on the road , and cars vary from brand new 30 grand jobs to some tragic, walking wounded NAs . I doubt I have very much in common with every other driver of a car which has sold by the million and it feels a bit tragic to wave to every MX 5 I meet .

I’d acknowledge another MX 5 if I encountered it somewhere which suggests it is more than the car its driver and I have in common - a race circuit, hillclimb or a single track road in Wester Ross but on the A5 , A19 or M1? God no , it’s all a bit too Terry and June for me

The car might have sold by the million, but I don’t see too many of them.
When I do see one, I try to make a point of acknowledgement.

I guess it all depends on who’s driving it and in what circumstances.

A single young lady in commuter traffic on the M62… probably not an enthusiast.

A husband/wife (mistress or lover) combo, on a sunny sunday afternoon, top down (the car not her) … probably enthusiasts, give them a wave.


I probably get 50% of waves returned typically, but it has recently been much less here in Derbyshire too.

This thread in innumerable variations has been a mainstay of MX-5 related forums worldwide as long as they have existed, some do some don’t…

South Essex here, quite a few around from NA to ND. I wave and generally get a :thinking: :crazy_face: as a reply, miserable b’tards. Got a wave this morning though, from a bloke in a Spitfire. I thought hedge-hopping was illegal!

It’s a life choice owning these, it’s more than just a ‘car’ or maybe not for a good deal of drivers; I will continue to wave and then chunter and moan to myself about the miserable sods :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning:

Could be worse - I waved & gave a thumbs up to a blue Mk2 turning left into the road I was emerging from at the junction at the top of Winnats Pass (Derbyshire) this morning, he reacted by stopping on the junction despite there being traffic behind him & shouting what appeared to be a torrent of abuse towards me!

Very odd.

I feel your pain Mike, I live in Weymouth and have also been waving at every mx5 and absolutely nothing. I have a red ND so you will get a wave from me at least. I got so fed up I waved at a FIAT 124 Spider and got a puzzled wave back from the lady driver!

I’ll keep my eyes open for you, as in the photo I got a Highland Green NC. Yeah I almost waved at a 124 yesterday, they are the same under the skin :grinning:

I tend to find waving rather mark-specific on the whole.

In other words, if I wave at a driver in a mk3, like mine, I often get a positive response, but wave at any other mark, and more often than not, I get blanked.

Having said that, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving through Frome (my home town), and spotted a bright yellow mk.2 Arizona behind me. We both had our lids down, and as I took off from a set of traffic lights, waving like crazy as far as my arm would stretch above my head, he did the same, before turning off in another direction.

Surely people enthusiastic enough to buy an MX-5, whatever version, would be aware of other variations built over the past thirty years - perhaps not.

Oh well, enjoy the summer my friends - hasn’t it been fab so far ?

Allways be polite and wave, as you never know when you might need their help.
I am off to Dorset the next chance I get, to do some waving. Come on chaps they obiously need our help…

According to my sister who migrated to Poole many moons back, poor Dorset has bigger issues right now than “rude” Mx5’s.
People. Bliidy People. Cramming into “Closed” car parks.

In their fassaaands Sah. Faahhhsands. Put Zulu to shame they do.
Police estmate 500,000 from as far as Midlands and have announced it as a Major Incident.
What can you say that is not going to attract the Mods’ attentions…
She shudders to think where they toileted all day…but reckons France can smell :mask: them on a clear day. :wink:

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They give lemmings a bad name! They’re stupid, selfish and a lot of other things too! And the most frightened thing about them is the fact that they breed!

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Apologies but my wife borrowed my ND for a quick trip home to the Weymouth area on Friday 26/6. If she didn’t wave it is my fault for not briefing her! She normally drives a mini.