Mk 3 hard top Roof Bars?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: _mk3 - nc1 _
  2. I’m looking for where and how I can get roof bars which will hold a roof box. I have seen it be done an NB model. Anyone able to point me in the right place?

That sounds crazy, each to their own.:crazy_face:

Never heard of anyone going down this route or of anyone making roof bars for a MX5. You don’t mention which type of hardtop but if you have a PRHT then where will the roof bars go when you operate the roof?
I doubt if either type of hardtop will support much weight with out reenforcement.
Another thing to consider is vehicle weights, a NC has a cargo weight of around 200kg, this includes the weight of the driver and passenger. I weight about 90kg and my wife is about 59kg, that leaves us about 50kg load capacity. How much do you expect to carry?

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To be honest, I would use a boot bag and have the option of ‘top down’ when the sun is out👍🏻

There is a post on here somewhere that suggests putting stuff in the cubby that the PRHT folds into.

Obviously you have to keep the roof up, and the poster sticks some tape over the roof buttons with DON’T!!! written on it!

I`ve done a few trips where I had zero space in the car left (2 up loads of stuff packed in footwells and the boot was like a perfect jigsaw puzzle) the space the PRHT folds into is massive. You can get loads in there either by going over between the seats / hoops or in my case I partially open the roof / clam and put my stuff in from outside the car.

Obviously you can`t get the roof down but you can get more gear in the car!