MK1 needed

Hi wonderful people. I have a much loved NB which enthused my 13 year old son to the point that he wants to buy a NA now that he can work on over the next 4 years and be ready for his first car. Obviously at the age of 13 he doesn’t have mega bucks to invest. He currently has around £700 saved up. Can anyone help?

I’m just joining the dots here, but this thread could be of interest if you hadn’t seen it: New owner of an Old Mx-5 Mk1 94 - sell or Fix and Keep - Advice please!


Not sure if you are interested, but my brother owned a Mazda Mx5 - Mk1 for many years, until he got ill this year and passed it on to my Son. I did look to sell but have been in 2 minds whether to keep or sell. However, the work to restore it is probably beyond me. I would prefer to sell to someone who is an enthusiast. It has done just 97,000, has a new cambelt, battery and has has repairs done to front SIlls - but it is not waterproof. If you really want it, I can hold off selling as I’d prefer it to go to someone in the owners club.

This is a bit 11th hour - but take a look and I am happy to hold for you for £700 if you truly want it.

If not, I’ll use the usual horrific “auction site”. As I said I did list it at at starting at £500, which then took off - and if that’s the route, then OK. No pressure and if not interested, let me know.

Apologies, but I don’t know much about MX5’s - as it way my brother’s passion

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Hi - thanks - appreciate the note. I have uploaded pictures, as I would love this to go to a member who would cherish/restore it, rather than a dealer hoping to make a profit on restoring it


Just read on here someone has a ‘fixer up’ for £500 roof and sills, they weren’t sure about keeping it or selling on to someone with the time and money to sort it ! Might be worth a look but could be £££ to get to good condition.

A good choice, I’ve just bought one at 17 for my first car. went for a '92 Eunos in classic red!