MK2 1998 - 2000 ecu pinout diagram/guide required please

Can anyone help?
We have developed a MK2.5 emulator to bypass a faulty TRW 36AS immobiliser on the MK2.5 car.
The MK2 Lucas 19AS immobiliser is much more reliable but there is a suspicion that these are failing too, so we intend to extend the emulator offering to include the MK2.

We need a pinout for the MK2 ecu to make a test harness. They are all similar so anything MK2 will do even if its just a list/guide. We are intending to use a MK2 1.6 B6ML with green plugs for initial development.

I cannot seem to get onto Mellens website and the mellens archive shows ecu wiring diagrams but not a clear list of the pins and what is connected to them.



Hi Rob, I downloaded a load of stuff from the Mellens site when I first got my car.
There is 1999 Miata wiring diagrams pdf if any use. PM me an address and I will send it on.

Hi Dave

I can’t get onto Mellens website; keeps timing me out. Don’t think its me but could be :slightly_smiling_face:
There is an archive which I expect to have the same info as the Mellens main website to be fair. We have looked at the 1999 wiring diagrams but couldn’t find ecu pinout information. Does your wiring info have pinout info for any MK2 ecu? If so, yes please send it to me.



Hi Rob,
To be honest I am not that au fait with ecus, had a quick look and on one page there is this:


Is the Power Train Control Module the American name for the ECU?


It would appear that the PCM is the same as an ECU.
Have sent the file to your MX5 Bitz email address.

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Thank you Dave and also many thanks to Eddie Cairns(Drumtochty) who managed to find UK spec MK2 pinout information on the Mazda Europe Portal and email it to me quickly followed up with a posted hardcopy.
Apparently days after the information was picked up from Mazda Europe, they withdrew all the pertinent MK1 and most MK2 information resource from the portal.
This information is important and a valuable and somewhat difficult if not impossible resource to find. It would be really helpful if someone in the relevant position here, perhaps archivist were to approach Mazda Europe for this data as they are clearly no longer interested in hosting it themselves.

The Club owns a collection of Mazda workshop manuals which will have this information. Trouble is it’s copyright protected so distributing it may cause problems.

That’s a shame Robbie as apparently no value attached to it anymore but thanks for the explanation.

One might be forgiven for wondering what is the point of the club owning such manuals if members can’t access the information contained in them.

Dave :confused:

They are for reference for the holder of the Technical Advisor post. And maybe just for prosperity. If essential, I’m sure they could be made available for club members to view on a case by case basis. I don’t think that the club hold the full set yet.

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Fair enough!
Dave :grinning:

Dave, what do you need? I have some information/pinout diagrams here and would be happy to advise.
Oops, didn 't see the date of this thread; hopefully sorted out by now:-)

Can I suugest you reference
: EUR-Lex - 32011R0566 - EN - EUR-Lex
To Quote
In order to ensure effective competition on the market for vehicle repair and maintenance information services, and in order to clarify that the information concerned also covers information which needs to be provided to independent operators other than repairers, so as to ensure that the independent vehicle repair and maintenance market as a whole can compete with authorised dealers, regardless of whether the vehicle manufacturer gives such information to authorised dealers and repairers directly, further clarifications with regard to the details of the information to be provided under Regulation (EC) No 715/2007 are necessary.

I think you’re quoting this out of context. The regulation is to ensure that manufactures make their data available (and may charge for it). The club’s workshop manuals are subject to copyright laws, which do permit limited copying (usually for reseach or non-business use) up to perhaps 10%? Google it to find out more. The problem for the club will be that many individual percentages may easily add up to a perceived infringement.

For what it’s worth there are alternatve sources of wiring diagrams and parts lists. E.g. some Japanese originals at

I think Rob, who initiated this post, qualifies as an
“ independent operator”?

‘I think Rob, who initiated this post, qualifies as an
“ independent operator”?’

If that is a euphemism, I’d probably have to agree :blush:

Ahh, see what you mean; just signed up at the Mazda Portal as an Independent Operator which was a painless process. Only problem is that most of the useful information is now payable:-(