Mk2 chassis rails photos, do these look ok?

Hi There

Looking at a used mk2, seller has kindly send me some internals of the engine. From what you can see, can someone with a little more experience take a look at the chassis rail images and let me know if there is anything that looks immediately scary. Car is quite a distance away so I wanted to check with the experts if that’s ok!

Thanks very much (i can only post one image at a time so i apologise)

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Close up photos of both sides from underneath the chassis rails would be helpful to you. The undertray has been removed in the photos you have, so if it’s still off the car it wouldn’t be too difficult for the owner to do this. Also some shots of the rails from inside the wheel arches would be useful.

Yep, agree that seeing both sides from underneath the wheel arch side if possible is important (in my limited experience). From the engine bay of mine, both sides looked just as clean as in your photos, but as I noted in my new member post, the nearside rail was actually quite rotten, and that could only be seen properly from the wheel arch. This is a good angle to see the full story:

Wasn’t bad enough to stop me buying it, but obviously took it into account in the purchase.

thanks for the response. I’ve left it for now as I didn’t want to leave the seller hanging. It looked a very good one so hopefully gets a good home!