Mk3 Headlamps - Xenon bulbs?

So my brother recently bought a lovely new Audi TTS which has some very good looking xenon headlights. Problem is it made me feel that mine look incredibly old and outdated and I’d love a white glow from my headlamps! 

I’ve found some bulbs but not sure if these would fit or work in my mk3?

Would appreciate some advice ano whether I would need to replace any other bulbs?


I would guess these would work.

I did something similar for my mk2 and it was well worth it - keep the same wattage and no need for other changes such as fuses.

£39.99p !!!

Try e-bay, £5.95p a pair.


Haha, yes expensive, I was just using them as an example!

Thanks for the info zpat.





£39.99p !!!

Try e-bay, £5.95p a pair.


My ebay ones lasted a week before they went dull. Bulbs are so easy to copy these days by the turds who do that sort of thing.

Halfrauds are doing their range at the moment buy one get one free. The bulbs are very good as are Osram NightBreakers.


Apologies if this is obvious, but does anyone know if the MK3 has a double or single filament bulb?? I know next to nothing about headlights!

H7 for dipped beam, H9 for main beam. I always use Ring Xenon Ultima bulbs. Claimed up to 120% extra light over standard Halogen. Same wattage so no extra heat or load on wiring etc. Just replaced the standard bulbs on my Mazda 6 and the difference is amazing. Used them on my Mk1 MX-5 and great on that too. Don’t think about using unbranded bulbs, they just don’t last.

I put Phillips extreme in my NC because they came out top in the Autocar test.  They look nicer and are definitely brighter but it’s not night and day (ha!)

no one seems to make bright  h9 bulb so I left mine standard.


the biggest pain is removing the bumper to remove the headlamps, I de tangoed them while they were out, that improves the looks far more than any bulb.


H9?! There’s an H9?? I’ve found H1s and H4s. I think I’ve read now that H4 are twin filament and H1 is single. So could H1 be used for main beam? 

Thanks very much.

And yes Halfbee, I’m not looking forward to the awkwardness of getting to the headlamps, but I’m also wanting to de tango my headlamps in the same swing! Did you find that easy/straightforward? 


I went with Osram led sidelights and Osram Nighbreakers-made a real difference, I went through the whole cheaper bulb stage with the previous car-might look good, try driving in the rain at night with cheap bulbs! It happened once, I then changed them to a branded make ;) 

I’ve been considering this too, but had thought changing the type of bulb (i.e. from ‘normal’ to xenon) was against the law. Is that true, and if so does anyone care anyway?

i cant remember where i found the bumper off instructions but its fairly straight forward with the wheels off and the front raised off the deck.  Heres the de tango instructions, again, fairly straight forward.