MOT Failure 5.3.6

Well my day just got worse mot failure


“Nearside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded significantly reducing structural strength under sill (5.3.6 (a) (i))”


So sat at work trying not to think the worst cost wise until the garage get back to me.   

Depends where you took it I suppose.

The MOT tester in our village is very reasonable, he’d weld it for £100 and get it through the test.

He welded the cat on our old megane for £20.

I’m not saying that it would be a full on concourse restoration, it would be enough to satisfy the MOT test.

However, If it were mine, I think at this point, i’d personally be considering moving it on.

Garage in Wakefield got it, know them well so will try look after me and keeps costs down but still keep me safe.

Only driven arond 300 miles around a dozen times since bought last September so would like to use it a bit through the summer then think about moving it on.

No advisory’s last June and done 1000 miles since so wasn’t expecting this.

Don’t think older cars are for me don’t like the thougt of all the problems.



Are we talking about the blue MK3 in your avatar ?

And if you’ve only covered 1000 miles since the last MOT, where has it been all year… Cleethorpes Pier Surprised

Unless it’s been stood outside in all weathers, I find it hard to believe that it could decay so much in only a year.


South Kirkby by the way, so not too far away.

That’s a real shame Bruce, just a thought, if you are going to move it on at the back end of the year, the failure will be a matter of record in the mot history. Personally, I would make sure the work is documented and a proper receipt given. This can all help when you come to sell. I’d get the other side at least checked too, if this apparently has occurred to such an extent for the car to fail in such a low miles and time period, then peace of mind and reassurance for prospective purchasers. Or, keep it a little longer and try to enjoy it yourself  it’s a problem though, I’ve always thought of the mk3’s as a “new” car but a few are suffering almost as much as cars twice there age unfortunately.


Yeah that’s mine bought last Sept done around 700 miles since June when it was last MOT’d by previous owner i’ve since done around 300 never driven in the wet but stored outside pervious owner garaged it.

It’s high mileage but generally looked after age/mile related nothing else failed on the MOT.




Yeah thanks Barrie even though it’s a garage who look after me they always give me receipts and paperwork.They just generally do my car between jobs to keep costs down for me.

There is the subframe brace I suppose.

Pretty thin piece of steel… lets hope it’s one of those and not chassis or sill rot.

It’s definitely sill area they found the rust near the rear jacking point and then remove the plastic sill cover to see the extent of corrosion awaithing call back.

Guess on another day with another tester it might never have been seen,but when all said and done it has to be safe and not about costs.


Sorry to hear this Bruce but it does sound like the characteristic MK3 corrosion on the rear sill. hidden by the plastic trim.

The good news it that it should be possible to do a good repair and keep the evidence well hidden.

This has caught out a lot of MK3 owners, particlularly early vintage. I would advise repair and look at the other side as well as other underside components that seem to attract rust problems on the MK3. Would like to agree with £100 estimate on repair but be prepared for £250+.

All the best


How it’s been described to me rear sill near where rear arm meets. I remember seeing a video from a while ago which I think could be my problem.


£250 I would be chuffed has they say in Yorkshire, i’ve got write off in my head.




I have my fingers crossed for you.

There were a number of threads a while ago about MK3 rust but gone relatively quiet recently.

Please check out the areas of concern and post photos. The cat is now out of the bag with the MOT fail so onwards and upwards as they say.

Try not to be too downhearted by this and have a pleasant weekend; its going to be a hot one.      


That’s why I had in MOT’d today to get a proper run in it in the good weather thinking it wouldnt’t fail… 



I had mine stripped down of the sill covers last year and did some undersealing. 

Picture of before and after treatment on both sides. I think the problems with the arch to sill rust can be seen pre treatment, they leave areas/patches unprotected.

Hope you can get it sorted without too much drama and cost 

Sorry to hear about this Bruce & hope that you can get it sorted without too much expense.

As others have posted on this thread, it sounds like the corrosion’s in an area which is known to be prone to rust on the Mk3.

I saw another thread on here a few weeks ago with photos documenting how the same rusty area was repaired, for what it’s worth I recall that the poster commented that the necessary repair patches were quite easy to fabricate.



One never knows what one is going to find under skirts…

Especially where you live


Prevention is better than cure they say, so please tolerate my ignorance.
Can anyone let us know how to “ remove the plastic sill cover to see the extent of corrosion “ ? I seem to remember you need to buy a whole bunch of new fixing clips, but that may have been for something else.