MX-5 Mark 3.5 Sport Tech PRHT / Metro Grey

Seems my last thread went walkies, so I’d thought I’d post a fresh one.

Current spec is as follows, with the following mods:

  • IL Motorsport Stainless Steel Exhaust back-box
  • Pioneer AVH-X8800BT 7-inch audio head-unit with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Eibach Pro 35mm Front / 30mm Rear Lowering Springs
  • IL Motorsport front and rear Anti-Roll Bars
  • IL Motorsport Drop-Links (full set of 4, front and rear)
  • EBC Turbo-Groove Discs and Greenstuff Pads
  • SmartTop PRHT controller
  • Mazda OEM Mesh Wind Deflector
  • IL Motorsport Chrome Style Bar Covers
  • IL Motorsport Chrome Fog Lamp Bezel Surrounds
  • IL Motorsport Chrome Air Vent Surrounds / Chrome Steering Wheel Spokes / Chrome Gear Stick Surround / Chrome Ignition Surround
  • Osram Night Breaker Laser H7 and HB3 full and dipped beam headlight bulbs
  • Bosch Aero Foil Wiper Blades
  • Silver Side Repeater Bulbs
  • Mazda OEM Floor Mats
  • Mazda OEM Boot Liner
  • Carbon effect Tyre Caps
  • Undersealed with Waxoyl
  • Moss Stubby Aerial
Some pictures...

Thanks for looking. :slight_smile:

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Nice looking car! 

Good colour too - when I ordered mine I gave a lot of thought as to whether to go for Metropolitan Grey or Stormy Blue.

I’m not sure about those wheel trims though in pictures 5 & 6… 

that is a fantastic looking motor 

what a super colour choice 



well done rob

You need to get yours lowered now, Bally3… 

Like that, I also have a 2010 3.5 and was looking at the pioneer upgrade, do you still need the 3.5mm jack for spotify or does it all run from bluetooth ?

Nice looking 5 Rob, love the exhaust and the way it sits in the defuser. I’m trying to decide which back box to get, I want nice rumble crack n pop but not too loud that I cant do track days.

How is the il motorsport box you have?



Should stream over Bluetooth I would think? Unfortunately I don’t tend to use Spotify so have no first hand experience.


Can be a touch droney between 1500 and 2000rpm in 5th and 6th gear, but beyond that its rgot a really nice tone. Otherwise it’s lovely with some nice pop and crackle when wanted.

Should be perfectly fine for track days I would think as it’s ultimately not that loud and quite measured in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Finally had the Mazda OEM Rear Diffuser fitted at the end of last week, plus gave the car a good wash (rinse, wheel cleaner, snow foam, rinse, clay-mitt, shampoo wash, rinse, dry, machine polish, machine wax with buffing between each stage):

looks great that rob !!

i must admit it does look loads better lowered !!

Yes, handles better too - particularly if you upgrade the ARB’s (and drop-links) too… :wink:


// double post - pls delete

New photo on this Sunny Bank Holiday… 

Wanted to ask a quick question - has anyone fitted a re-trimmed wheel from Royal Steering Wheels?

Was thinking of doing this, with a thicker rim, thumb grips and perforated leather sides / nappa top and bottom with maybe the flatter bottom. However, I’d like the stitching colour to match that on the normal Sport Tech leather seats - i.e. grey / white. Has anyone spec’d this combo from them that could share a photo please (if so, what stitching colour did you ask for to match)? I think the cost is going to be around £250-ish.



If I recall correctly mine was some £170, with red stitching. fitted it myself. I’m sure you can choose the stitching colour.


its a great upgrade, massively enhances the driving experience.


ive posted a pic on an old post (sorry, rushing off out). Also, there’s a good few example pics in the forum.

bettabuilda has a flat bottom . 

TBH Geoff, its healing up nicely now  oh, you mean the steering wheel? Yes it does indeed have a flat bottom 

Almost the same on the previous NC1

Really pleased with both of them, so much nicer. £50 extra for the flat bottom so £220 all in. I’ve been to RSW for fitting (£15) and this time did it myself with a £100 refundable deposit on exchange for my old one. Sorry it’s not the stitch colour you needed as mine is/was red on both versions but I’m sure Jack  (RSW) will sort something thing for you, easy chap to deal with too!



Thanks Barrie - much appreciated. Will look at this next then… 

Was that £220 after the refund for exchanging your old wheel, or was it actually only £120 after taking that into account?



Today’s mod…