MX-5 ND Photos Please

Enkei RPF1. 15x7, ET41. 18mm spacers front, 20mm rear. Caliper fitment is… tight. The deep recess in the barrel made fitting the tyres easy, but hinders clearance. This is a 1.5 car, btw.

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Bet the ride quality improved, nice big sidewalls.

A little, I think, though this may be more down to reduction of unsprung mass than sidewall. The tyres are ‘eco’ ones and came up narrower than advertised, so have ended up with a bit of stretch (which I didn’t want!) - this apparently makes the tyre a bit less compliant.

What size tyres?

185/60s. Falken Sincera SN110s.

Donington national


That’s a nice shot, Dan! :sunglasses:

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What our cars were made for :sunglasses:


Lovely lighting in that one Adam. That pic wouldn’t work with mine (Machine Grey paint … I’ll have white next time).

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Had a lovely drive out through country lanes and villages around Carsington water today.
A brilliant day for having the roof down!


9Hi everyone!

Without the rain, there is no rainbow!

:rainbow: Ofiaich :rainbow:

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