MX5 2024 model. No auto option

I realise most people prefer manual and I don’t want to debate that here.

However for the small number who need or prefer automatic - that option is now longer available for the new 2024 model.

I wish Mazda UK had made that clear sooner, I had a Toyota GR86 auto on order but cancelled when I saw the MX5 had a new version coming out.

Ironic really when you consider that future EVs will be mostly if not entirely automatic.

It used to be an option on the RF, maybe try talking to Mazda directly and see if it can be optioned?

Seems a bit strange, maybe sales volume was very low.

Does that mean my 2022 RF Auto might have better resale value perhaps?

I read recently that driving test centres will only be allowed to use electric cars soon. So new drivers will only qualify with an automatic licence. So perhaps an automatic will hold its value better.

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I can’t see any great deals on used RF Autos - which is why I wanted to order a new one.

Mazda have pulled the new auto option because of slightly higher CO2 emissions.

Why the Government can’t just add some more tax to fuel if CO2 is so important, instead of interfering with the free market (with fines on car makers etc) is beyond me.

Every dealer advertised used MX5 that I have ever looked at has disappointed me in terms of condition or history.

Of course there are some cherished examples around but private sales seem to be very rare these days.

So I might be interested in a cherished example of a RF Auto with the 184 BHP. But I don’t like the Red or White colours.

Not going to over pay though - I can just keep my mk 3.5 RC auto forever :wink:

I asked the local dealer and was told Mazda UK are not importing the auto. In the past some dealers (TW Whites) have grey imported JDM models to get more autos, maybe that will happen again.

Incidentally Mazda do make the RF auto in RHD for JDM, Australia etc. Just Mazda UK being annoying. Why not just charge an extra price to cover any CO2 related fines?

There is a demand and they have sold £millions of auto MX5s over the years, perhaps those who have a disability and can’t drive manuals could take them to court?

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Brand new unregistered in Deep Crystal Blue with an indicated £3.5k saving over list?

Or if it doesn’t have to be brand new, a 2.5yr old with minimal miles in black:

Where did you read this?


Ironically, the new Golf GTI is only available as an auto due to emissions. The DSG gearbox gives better mpg than the manual because it has more ratios and only the same losses as a manual. The Mazda auto is a traditional slushbox which has many advantages, but efficiency isn’t one of them.

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Yes, Mazda have traditionally been awful at making auto boxes. Toyota is rather better.

For years MX5 fans thought there might be a DSG version but it never happened.

Thanks, I really wanted an aero grey 2024 version, not sure about the ones currently available, if I lived nearer Glasgow then I might take a look at the one on sale there with low mileage and a good price. Still I guess there will always be the odd gem turning up.

With a search for an auto RF in a specific colour, you’ll have to prepare for travel I’m afraid.

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If you can find the exact colour, mileage, condition and spec you want “ just down the road”, I reckon you could make rocking horse manure.
In all my decades I have never achieved it. :man_shrugging:
I flew from Bristol to Inverness to pick up my MX5 and was (and still is) a great buy.
Just an opinion.


I don’t think that is right= do you have a source for the story ? . Tesla is opening a driving test centre for EVs but that is a private initiative . The website suggests that the position remains broadly as it has always been. You can take the test in whatever you want , subject to conditions about second mirror installation and adequate rear visibility for the examiner .

I remember reading an article by the late Eoin Young , the NZ motorsport , who took his UK test in a works Austin Healey 3000 rally car . The car was fine , but his driving wasn’t…

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Could be under Disability Discrimination

Sorry, I misunderstood. What I read was that if you take your test in an electric car, you will only get an auto licence.

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It’s a great manual on the paddles, but having owned a Cupra DSG, I can tell you in plain auto it has problems.

But you buy one for the manual on paddles, not the auto function, so that’s ok.

An MX5 with paddles, yes, that would be good. Has it been done?!?!

That is quite correct.:+1:

Yes, the NC power shift has paddles, can’t comment on the ND as haven’t seen one in the flesh.

Well :poop:. Cue my auto-only wife laughing in my face for buying a manual…