MX5 MK4 ND wanted (Private buyer)

I’m looking for a nice MX5 MK4 ND (Soul Red or Eternal Blue)

This will be a second car , kept in a garage when the weathers not good and pampered.
(I’ve just sold my 2.0 Duratec Westfield which was just to extreme to enjoy regularly)

Buying to keep long term.

Looking to spend £13K to £16K, cash waiting for the right car.
Would prefer BOSE sound.

I’m expecting with my budget a 2.0L ND1 car but would also consider a 1.5 ND2.

Could scrape together a couple of thousand more if a ND2 184 came along. (this would be my ideal car)

I’m not in a rush but hoping a well priced car comes along, now summer is over and prices are falling a little.

Thanks Darren.

Please P.M me if you have anything that may be suitable.

Good luck with the search.

Bear in mind prices are seriously over inflated at present. The trade is hoovering up NDs at really high prices, but maybe the bubble will burst with Autumn coming.

It will be interesting to see what they do with all these cars they have paid over the odds for when no one wants them in mid winter.

Even consider a new 1.5 on 0% from Mazda, might be better than paying over the odds for a used one.


Just to say if you want a 2.0l go for the ND2 version, otherwise stick to a 1.5l


Second this :+1:

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Third this :+1: Loving my late 2018 one that I bought nearly 14 month’s ago… :joy:


I had an ND1 2.0 160ps and I didn’t find anything wrong with it.

Sure it’s isn’t as free revving as the 184ps and not quite as powerful, but if you just want a lovely handling sports car to cruise around the lanes in, it’s more than sufficient.

Saves maybe £2k over a 184ps also.

I know people go on about the potential gearbox problems, but get the gearbox oil changed and enjoy it.


Thanks Glosrich,

I’ve only been following prices for a couple of months so don’t know how much they have gone up by and what they will eventually come down to. (which will happen either late this year or late next year if supply of new cars remains poor)

I’ve seen a few 2015/2016 2.0L ND1 Sport / Sport Nav with sensible miles 20-30K around £16K from main Mazda dealers with warranty etc. (these have dropped about £1000 in the last week or 2)

The Cheapest ND2 is about £21500 at present and outside my price range.

I love the way the 1.5 revs but it just seems too low on power (BBR do a 160 kit for the 1.5 is this any good?)

My main car is an M3 with 430BHP so I’m used to a bit of go.

Prices are crazy right now, but they may at least stabilise as we go into Autumn.
I got my 2018 (68) ND2 2L SatNav+ in the middle of July last year for just shy of £20k when market prices were already beginning to rise - 1 owner and just over 6k on the clock.
Not sure what I’d get now…! :slight_smile:


That 0% finance deal makes sense. Got that with my 1.5 SE-L Eternal Blue a year ago. Think the Eternal Blue option has gone from the SE-L range. Use the build a Mazda option on the Mazda web site to see colour options. Good Luck with the search.

If you’re comparing an M3 to any Mx5, it’ll be dog slow. I got the ND2 as it was as close as dammit to my old Ep3 track car, that wasn’t an old car.

It’s all about character with these and not power or fancy modes or BTG times. I’ve not tried the 1.5 but I reckon they’d be brilliant fun. You won’t get an Nd2 now for anything under 21k unfortunately, unless it’s a categorised car, possibly.

I’d definitely give the 1.5 a go, see how you like it. It’s the Mx5 Mazda wanted it to be, before revising the 2.0.

Hope you find one, they’re really good fun.

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Another vote for the ND2 Satnav + . I got mine in July last year and it’s the most fun car I have every had . Nearly bought a Caterham but now I am glad i got an MX5 . Top marks for smiles per mile!
Having driven more powerful cars I second the idea that sensible speeds feel much faster in an MX5 and reduce the risk of to your licence while still having a big grin on your face when you get home . The MX5 gives you performance you can actually use!


Caterham was also an option! But too hardcore for a comfortable Euro road trip. Definitely still on my bucket list though.

Yes , I’m aware the M3 is much faster, but its far to fast to enjoy on a B road (your just on the brakes all the time).
It was the same with my Westfield (which was also far too fast).

I want some thing that’s fun down the back roads and has to be open top. Now I’ve test driven a couple I’m sure an MX5 will be ideal.

I’m just not sure a 1.5 is quite enough (I wish I could convince myself it would be), maybe an 2.0L ND1 slightly tuned would be a good compromise ?

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Definitely can’t be a bad shout. Manifold, map and some better suspension. More likely to get a better deal with an Nd1. Still good for 180 bhp and those extra rpms.

When I got my Mx5 it was nice to drive back up the motorways, but I took a detour through the cotswolds and these things just come alive down a B road (if you get one on stock springs, remove them ASAP!). I’m not convinced so much on the Bilsteins on these however. Absolute hoot all the way to the redline. Much more fun than my tweaked Octavia VRs, but then those roles are reversed on an A road/motorway :slight_smile:

When I test drove the 1.5 and the 2 litre ND1, I bought neither as they didn’t quite do it for me. But if pushed, I’d say I preferred the revviness of the former. I also had a Honda S2000 at the time which may have clouded my view somewhat.
I sold the S2000 and 3 years later bought my ND2. The power increase over the ND1 was very apparent and it just felt “right”. Far closer to the revthenutsoffit fun I had in the S without running the risk of losing your licence.

My point? You may be influenced by your current BMW so if so, try and test drive each version of the ND as objectively as you can and buy the one that grabs you the most.

Edit: Oh and the ND2 was supposed to be a keeper but I sold it a few weeks ago and now have a 1.6 1993 NA. Far less power, no mod cons, rocks, rolls and jitters all over the place but great great fun :grin:

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Can’t say I agree with the sentiment of pre-facelift 1.5L being preferable the 2.0L. The lack of overtaking grunt on the 1.5 is frustrating, it’s fine if you’re on your own mostly, just pootle about or aren’t doing motorway work - otherwise the extra torque and power of the 2.0 is most welcome, and helpful if you use the car on the motorway too. Coming from a 2.0 Westfield and owing an M3 I think the OP will want the extra bhp.

The ND2 2.0 is better of course but if you can get one with a £16k budget I would buy it off you, they’re all north of £20k! Also most of the power gains are through the raise red line so if it’s not been caned through the gears it’s unlikely to feel much quicker.

Have a look at this one. If the link doesn’t work just google the dealer name, it’s a supermarket near me.

The MX5 will be the OP’s second car and he does say in his post:-

“The M3 is much faster, but it is far too fast to enjoy on a B road (you’re just on the brakes all the time).
It was the same with my Westfield (which was also far too fast)
I want something that’s fun down the back roads”

So for that the ND 1.5l is ideal.
I had an ND1 1.5l which was perfect for the country roads round home, I also had an ND2 2.0l which was the ideal choice for “A” roads etc…

I’ve had a chat with my wife today and now decided to spend some more to get a 2.0L ND2.

I think it will be better in the long run.

It looks like I will have to spend £22,500 for a nice low miles used, any ideas what the best deal I might get on a new one is ? (and where from)


Are you looking for an RF of soft top?
Can’t advise you on new deals, though I imagine 1.5’s could be easier to source new than 2.0…
Just had a quick look and found this one…! :slight_smile: