MX5 ND passenger window not working

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __ND
  2. I’m based near: __Sheffield
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __Window Regulator.

Hi all.
Passenger window stopped working the other day.
Put hood down and the window stuck at the hood lowering down position.
No noise coming from motor.
Through the help of the internet, removing door card and a multimeter l established that power is coming to the window switch connector at passenger door.
After some time the window started working intermittently with very short window movements before freezing again. I found that turning off then turning back on the ignition seemed to make the motor work as above.
Question is will it be the regulator or the motor ?

Would l be better of removing the regulator and motor and checking it off the car with a 12v battery supply ?
Went down to Paul Roddinsons garage yesterday but he’s fully booked for the next 3 weeks, and not prepared to pay dealer prices before anyone says take to main dealer.
Cheers, Bob.

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Know a couple of friends who have come to push the locking switch in the door by the driver’s seat so that the window is locked at the passenger door.
But you must have checked that.

Cheers, Helge


Sorry I missed you but yes we are inundated with work at the min…currently taking bookings from around may 20th

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Yea Helge, first thing l tried, but it ain’t that. :roll_eyes:
It does work correctly though that switch. Thought it might have been that switch faulty but don’t think so.

Anyone know of any links to info or videos showing how to change the regulator and motor ?
Have done a couple in the past on other make of cars.

Hi rodders,
No worries Paul.
Decided to tackle it myself. Once l get a bit more info.
Had door card off and had a good look inside to see whats what. Ordered a regulator from MX5 parts.
Hope its not the motor. Can’t find any online.:disappointed_relieved:

Must say well impressed with the wall decor in front of lift. :+1::+1:

Hi K,
It may be in here, Online manual - MX5 Manual | Mazda MX5 (Mk4) 2015+ not had a chance to look myself but it is usefull anyway.


Hi all.
Just a quick update on this window problem.
Ordered a new regulator from MX5 parts and got round to fitting it today.

Problem now solved. It was indeed the regulator.
The nylon pulley wheel in the old one must have let water in over time and the wires were starting to rust up and strands breaking off preventing the pulley to turn.
Took some time to remove the old pulley from the motor housing, cleaned up housing and lubricated before fitting new regulator.
Working spot on now.
Not bad for 2 methodical hours work and £45 for the regulator.
Did take some step by step photos if anyone needs any help with this same issue.
Thanks for help guys.


How old is your ND? Even if it’s a 2016, that’s pretty early for it to fail.

Hi ,
its a 2015 model .
1.5 petrol.

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6 years, so I suppose that’s feasible. Good Mazda quality!

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Hi all.

Finally got round to making a basic photo step by step guide on removing window regulator.
Hope the link works.


Good work, thank you.

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“Do not open or close both windows at the same time”

Well! I did not know about that. I have been doing this consistently on both my present and previous NDs without any issues so far, when I put my hood down or up. I will now stop doing it. For the life of me I cannot understand why Mazda have not interlocked the switches so this could not be done, if this really is an issue. It would be very simple to do :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Shocked at the state of that regulator. I think I would have a look to see where the water is getting in and try to seal it before replacing it. The cover on the regulator does not seem to have any sort of seal. Are you going to check the other side to see if you can do anything to improve things before it also fails?


Presumably that applies to the NC as well.
They put both switches right next to each other and expect you to not operate both at once??
The roof opening and closing sequence does exactly that :confused:

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Thanks for their video, been through exactly the same process on our 2016 ND. Same water ingress and wear/rot. Purchased new regulator and set about rebuilding. Motor and regulator did not appear to align and the window would not fully close or open. Does anybody know whether the position of the motor is relative to the position of the regulator or are there pressure stops etc?
I am loathed to dismantle motor from regulator as I’m pretty sure its going to unwind in front of my eyes!!
My concern is that the motor may be u/s as a result of the stress of the fraying.

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Had same issue with my 2016 ND icon. Same regulator part as I recall. Think it’s a water problem. Drove around for a week with a duck taped window. Car just out of warranty for me, so time to get rid and tried an RF. Glad you have sorted it.


Hi, might check other side time permitting, but the motor went on the other side exactly 12 months ago, but that was fixed under warranty .
Looks like a design fault by Mazda because the assembly could do with better water protection.
In hindsight l suppose l could have sealed the unit better with sealant etc.

Hi. I did think about that when stripping down the regulator from the motor, but just pushed in the new pulley and it worked just fine.
Wish l could help you on that one.
If you strip it down to investigate then l would cable tie the wires some how before removing the regulator from the motor housing…

Hi I have had this problem. Water gets in via the cable mine broke inside one of the plastic cable covers. It rusted and frayed inside the cover but inside the regulator was a little like the pictures but cable was not frayed. Window would not move at all.

I am not sure my motor is working properly as it works for window to go down but not up. If any one can help to diagnose and see if motor is working correctly or not, would be a great help. I will look for a pinout see if can put a supply direct to forward and backwards see if it is the motor or the switch.