MX5 trip Northwest 500 July 2022

Hello - Is anyone going on the MX5 North coast 500 trip in July this year? I have booked with Adam Lamb of Inspired Events and Tours who profess to specialise in these trips.
I have paid the money and now concerned it may not be a bonafide trip.
Please let me know if you are aware of this trip or booked on it.
many thanks

I’ve done the NC500 twice, both directions and can advise it’s easy enough to plan your own stuff. Sticking to the actual route you can’t really go wrong.
Sorry I can’t comment on that company, I hope it’s a bonifide company and they come good for you.

Not sniffing anything smelly here.

Seems to based out a private semi detached in Lichfield, doubt it’s a Ltd Co but that is neither here nor there. Appear to do what they say on the tin on Phartbook.

I’d use the WhatsApp link. :wink:

This it? £99.00 quid deposit?



Thank you for your interest in the NC500 MX5 only road trip planned for July 31st 2022 over 6 days. With what has been a very hard couple of years for most people in 2020/2021 we felt it would be great to arrange some events in the UK that would give us something positive to look forward to. Due to the nature of much of the roads along the NC500 we have limited this trip to 30 cars so to minimise congestion etc, and be respectful to the local residence and other road users. Each day we will not be traveling in large groups as this really doesn’t work on some of the roads but people tend to do their own thing during the day and meet back up with everyone at the evening’s campsite. Or travel in smaller groups with people they know or have met on the trip. At each campsite there will be a 3 man tent erected for you along with an air mattress, and two if you are sharing with someone you know… You will need to bring your own bedding and pillows etc. Max number of people per tent is two but if you travel alone you will be in a tent on your own.

Below is the route for the trip, and the daily destinations and mileages. Obviously, this trip is about the experience of driving the NC500 and getting to see as much of the local sites and beauty spots. It is not about getting from start to finish as fast as we can. There will be the opportunity to make stops along the way each day to experience as much as you can of what this epic route and countryside has to offer.

Below are the campsites we will be stopping at, all have showers and toilets, and hot food available at all but the inverness site, but there are shops and takeaways near bye

Day 1) InvernessWe will meet and camp at Inverness on the Sunday evening stopping at Bunchrew camping site. This will give us a chance to meet everyone and have a chat and settle in for a night’s rest before the road trip starts on the Monday.

Day 2) Inverness to Gairloch. Distance 150 miles approximately.
Depart Inverness early about 8am and start on the road towards our second nights camping at Gairloch Stopping at Sands Caravan & Camping site.

Day 3) Gairloch to Clatchtoll . Distance 135 miles approximately.
Depart to continue our trip along the NC500 stopping for the evening at Clatchtoll beach Campsite

Day 4) Clatchtoll to Thurso. Distance 130 miles approximately
Another day on the trip sees us heading to Thursobay caravan & camping site.

Day 5) Thurso to Inverness. Distance 140 miles approximately.
This is our final day on the NC500 and we have a steady drive back to inverness where we stop for the last night and make our separate ways home on Friday

If you would like to be part of this epic MGF / TF road trip the cost per car with or without a passenger is just £289 this covers all your camping fees the tent hire and bed, if you have other people on their own bikes that wish to go with you please message me to discuss. You also get a souvenir T Shirts produced for the trip. And your own NC500 Guide book.

There has been alot of interest in it as i think that everyone wants something to look forward to next year. There are showers and hot food available at the camp sites, and we also offer a service that you can post us your clothes, bedding and stuff before the trip we bring it up in the support van and transport it back at the end and post it back to you . Save you carrying it on the bike, people like this option and its a free service for the return postage.

Please let me know your thoughts even if the trip is not for you be nice to get some feedback and views.



Place can be reserved with a £99 depos

Event Details

Says in it it’s for MGs.

It is far better to plot your own route as the 'official '(it is anything but) route takes you on some unremarkable roads at times and sticking to the main route now means , sadly , encountering idiots who think driving in convoys is clever on single track roads. Anything more than 2 or 3 cars is daft and it is far, far better experienced alone .

Get a map , explore the relatively few other roads and you won’t regret it; I first drove up there in the early 80s, and explored this wonderful landscape before it became a thing many times . If anyone would like a short guide I’ve written , just PM me .


I agree, not a brilliant idea going in convoy on single track roads with passing places, especially NC500.

I think that @ckleanth (George) might be going. He posted it into the North West Mids Facebook group.

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Yea I’m going and paid in full. I know looks a bit iffy but to me he seems legit tbh and at least I havent seen anyone saying hes got scammed by him. He’s got a travel company and he seems to do this for a living - TBH my only concern is sleeping in a darn cold tent tbh.

may look into getting one of them portable diesel van heaters.

My wife and I are booked on it and looking forward to it; there’s always a chance it’s a scam when it’s not ABTA or whatever, but I think the signs are good.

Look forward to seeing you in Inverness!

Have you heard anything since you paid. I haven’t had any confirmation or response to messages since then.
Long and expensive to go if scam

No, but he said details come out 2 to 3 weeks before the event and I’ve seen him post about an event he ran for MGF owners.

I’m not overly concerned, but I messaged him this morning and he replied. He says he is away on a trip at the moment and will post some reviews when he gets back.

Here’s his website - looks like he takes a different group each week

I haven’t heard of him, but have subscribed. I think tent only option though would put some people off (well me anyway! )

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Thanks for your input i feel a little more relaxed about it now
I messaged him again today and this time got a reply
Oh well fingers crossed.
Have you signed up for it.

Thankyou for your feedback hopefully will see you there
Have a good trip up

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Yes, hate camping, but if we don’t do this we won’t go at all this year

If it cheers you a little, you can be sure of a rapturous welcome.


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