My BBR 185 two seater missile

Well… since last time we have had a chat and as a follow-up to this thread

I already had this fitted onto the car:
BBR 185 (full exhaust, dyno and ecu mapping)
I.L. Motorsport Five Piece Chassis Brace Kit
Brembo disks front and back (stock callipers, braided hoses, race brake fluid)
EBC Bluestuff pads front and back (I have also used the Brembo which are much cheaper and IMHO are just as good)

I thought I’d update you lot as to what I have done to my car since last time I wrote that article, what I think of the modifications and what effect they had onto the car.

First of all these are the new modifications:
Michelin PS5 215/45/R17 on stock 17x7 alloys
Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers from Bofi
Fitted, geometry setup and weight balance by Paul Roddison
From my calculations its a 51.4% / 48.6% weight balance
(I also got a smartop because I had enough getting grief from people having to wait for me to get the roof up/down)

Here is how it looks

Here is how it drives on track (note that I have not really pushed the thing, I haven’t done any real late braking and took it really easy on the track)

My thoughts:
I now own a little two seater missile…

However I still think if you are not going to track your car, and you don’t have an obsession to lower the car (I mean what’s wrong with this?) You will have less headache with speed bumps and scraping the underside of the car on stock suspension. It will still handle ok…

Honestly if your car comes with sport suspension all I would say is buy some Michelins PS5 and get your car aligned. If you are not satisfied with that then yea spend the money and get some adjustable coilovers, The adjustability is primarily for damping and to set the spring preload if you will weight corner the car.

If I’m telling people you generally don’t need to buy adjustable coilovers if your suspension still works and are just going to be driving on public roads, why did I buy adjustable coilovers? Well I want to do some track driving, quite a bit of it. Its not going to be a track car but I will be doing 5-10 trackdays in a year so the stock suspension was too soft for me.

Why I bought the Ohlins coilovers? The main reason is dual damping, its supposed to be more comfortable on the road if you hit a large bump it wont transfer the whole load onto the car breaking your teeth in the process.
Do the Ohlins coilovers work?
On track: Well we used the recommended damping settings and on track the car is perfect. I have to say that I think the alignment that Paul did - that is specific to my type of driving and needs - and in combination with the dampers and the tyres it made the car extremely agile and capable to change direction but is still stable on the straights. The car on corners is still balanced, predictable and controllable with the applied power. There is no bias for oversteering or understeering during cornering which is what i wanted.
On public roads: Daily driving with a lowered car on any type of coilovers is a pain. With the Ohlins you can feel difference setting the tyre pressures to 25 psi from 28psi. My biggest issue is the ride height but in regards to ride comfort I think they are great.

Anything bad to say about Ohlins coilovers… yea… although they provide new top hats for the front they dont provide the top hat for the rear - you have to reuse the existing one. and have I known this (well opened the box and read the instructions) I would have bought new bump stops to fit onto the car. We reused the existing from my old suspension and thankfully it looked ok but with what they cost me I would at least expect them to provide the bump stops the very least.

Last I have to say the money I spend for Paul to set my car was probably one of the best investments I have done onto the car. I would wholeheartedly recommended anyone to get their car to Paul Roddison for any type of alignment and setup.


Great write up George and yes I’m staying with standard suspension.

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That was entertaining.
Great to see the Cortina Mk1 giving a good account of itself as well.
Doubt it had a 1600cc whatever under it!

Was at historic racing at thruxton and there were quite a few of them racing and giving it the beans. They have roll cages and I thought exactly what you just said. Finding one of them on track was really nice and enjoyable to watch from up close.

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you have dropped yours down lower than I did mine!
hows the feel and clearance’s

I kinda said how it feels in my post, off and on track. I think Pauls setup and alignment makes the car handle so well and is very likely the primary reason for the positive experience I have.
On track I think the ohlin coilovers probably perform similar to any brand with stiff springs but off track I think they are likely to be much better suspension to live with especially on the bumpy roads in the UK due to the dual valving.
Ride height… not much I can do, I even went with 215/45/R17 so its a little bit wider and taller side profile than the stock tyre but it also gives me slightly bigger clearance underneath. I’m still going over road bumps aiming one wheel on each bump and avoiding at all costs going over solid road bumps.

If you had shuffled the wheel or drove with your arm on top of the door at Snetterton I would have slaooed you! :joy:


I have been sensible haven’t I? :joy: BTW I hope you spanked the guy with the black BMW. He came out twice that ■■■■.

Good stuff, learning to brake later and later can be daunting but once you know exactly what itl do it’s amazing, after fitting wilwoods on my 182 I regularly find myself eyeballing freaky parts kits for my na8

A good alignment and tyres has got to be some of the best money spent on a car

Lookin good!

Hi, thanks for the comment. It was pretty much the first time I took the car on track after all the changes. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I was checking balance in order to understand the new handling characteristics. It was only an afternoon session and was fairly busy at times but once I got some free track time and if you see the videos I did slowly got more confidence to throw it into the corners and push it further - to a point thought as there were many red flags to stop the fun and I wanted to come back home with it :joy:.

Personally I don’t think my car needs bigger brakes, not at 187 bhp anyway. The brakes and wheel were quite warm but never had any fade concerns (but agree that I have not pushed the brakes that hard anyway)

Quite right! I found my first track sessions particularly daunting but having fun is the main part!
I recently put fresh eom discs and pads on but quickly realised they were NOT up for it so I’ve tried out a set of roddisons, now back to pushing to figure out how they stand l, I’ve a track day at blyton next month with so that will be where I properly test them

oh I have done a few but for me its more about having fun and coming back in one piece than going super quick super fast and try beat everything on track :joy:.


Quite right! I used to drive the Clio down 4 hours and then track it and drive it home so I understand the need for it to survive

However this year I’ve got a van and borrowing a trailer, so we’ll see

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