My new precious is a 25th Anniversary - part 2

The Precious left home gleaming, sparkling, and happily sailed up the M40 looking for the quietest bits of road surface so we could enjoy the “hi-fi” with Kirsty McColl, Frank Sinatra, Samara Joy, et al.

By the time we parked it was covered in dust, better than mud, but still a let down after all my effort, so I left it dusty rather than try to brush it off. The M40 going home would do most of that and a rainwater rinse from the water-tanks would do the rest. So my 25AE photos were of a small sample of the many others looking clean and beautiful.

And the Grampians had the good grace to be correctly dressed.

The Precious is in the distance hiding in its dust a good hundred metres behind the tree in the centre of this picture. By now quite a few had already left!

Only one photo of the house and assorted stands between it and the lake, there were a whole lot more hidden around to the left behind the trees and the house.


After going to the rally yesterday the varying road surface brought home where the final tyre noises were coming into the car.

A quiet surface and there was no tyre noise, exhaust at a steady 70 and almost no throttle was very quiet, and almost no wind noise from the previously noisy PRHT seals.

My clever assistant fiddled around with the stethoscope again and was certain it was coming from behind and beside our seats mostly at floor level.

I had a more careful look underneath this morning and finally noticed the oval blanking plugs for the shipping tie-down holes are missing. Also there is not much evidence of Dinitrol in there, odd, maybe I probably paid too much attention to getting it at the usual rotting end of the sills. So after this photo I gave it a top-up.

When the Dinitrol has stabilised I’ll put some gaffer tape over the hole.
I had forgotten about the 10mm drain holes in the webs below the plastic drain pipes.

I plugged the 10mm holes with loose-fitting rubber grommets (9.5mm actual grommet) left over from doing the Niseko ten years ago, so the water will still weep out, but as far as sound is concerned not much will get through.

Now I need to find some of the proper 32mm x 17mm oval tie-down plugs. But a couple of hours wasted this morning on the general web in the usual sources revealed nothing immediately available. Maybe they have a special name?
I guess the dealer will have to supply some when it goes in for the BIG annual service (all fluids except screenwash) and MOT in July.

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Thinking about it, the box sections of the sill carry on open up towards the top of the rear wheel arch and it’s open at the top in the boot.

It is a sound-pipe for any noise picked up by the oval hole.

Thanks to specialist help from a generous fellow member I’ve now managed to connect the “Direct” camera and produce pictures on the Alpine.

A Multicomp Pro shell for the short lead to an RCA socket fits beautifully into this little 5-pin Direct Camera socket in the particular adaptor harness used in the 25AE between its Alpine head unit and the Mazda NC standard wiring connector.

Picture of test fit of the new shell in and out of the socket before I assembled the contacts needed onto a stub of coax with an RCA socket on the other end.

This phone pic is while the reversing camera I plan to use is still being hand-held inside the car while wrestling with the Alpine software to make it believe there really was a camera connected! Up to this point I was almost ready to give up on using the Alpine screen for a reversing camera.

And by the way, those 2mm contacts are just a bit fffiddly if you don’t have the tiny correct crimp tool.