National Rally 2012 - Got any questions ? Ask here...

Got any questions ? Ask here and one of the team will be along to help. 

Please keep this thread on topic. Questions only please, answers will usually be forthcoming within 24 hours. but please don’t address the questions to me specifically, I only started the thread… Wink


What is a “wrung what you brung” ?


Meaning you would go up the hill in the car you arrive in.
But you’ll have to register to book a place to do so. See STHT and use the booking form included in the magazine.

Hi Martin before i book is there an OC discount on camping at caravan site in winchcombe ?

sort of related question;

as the site belongs to the Bugatti owners club, do you think they might have the odd model or two in evidence for us to drool over? the older the better. Big Smile

 Hi Teddly, sorry no discount has been negotiated with any camping or caravan site.


There should indeed be some Vintage Bugatti’s there, plus the Bugatti museum will be open for you go around as well.


At the recent classic car meeting at Prescott the only Bugatti’s that were there was the ones in the museum,



Mal, we have been talking to Ian Patton from the Bugatti club and we have been told that there will be Classic Bugatti’s at the rally to be drooled over, and also there is talk of a raffle or draw for a run up the hill in a vintage Bugatti…(TBC)

 If its a type 35 B I will have £10 worth    but it has got to be Bugatti Blue Cool

I was a bit dissapointed that there were none in attendance for the round table do, was told it was up to the owners if they came or not. You would have thought a classic event with Sir Stirling Moss in attendance there would have been at least one going up the hill. We had vintage Rollers,Fords (Model T) Renaults, evan a steam powered car but alass no Bugs. We evan had a brand new Maclaren to drool over.



I’ll have a word with Ian and see if I can find out which model it will be. Big Smile


Did you mean one of these?


yup, I Agree  I’ll have me a few of those tickets too.


Application for the climb sent this avo.

Mal - was the steam car a Trojan? seen one do off-road hillclimbs. Incredible machine
Austin 7s are the ones to do on the off-road climbs. Brilliant piece of machinery

Prescott being a Motorsport venue I take it that dogs are not allowed?



Yes Sucram,  you are correct. Dogs are definitely not allowed.


thats the boyo


not sure Jo only saw it from a distance and do not know if it made it to the hill, it would have been in the cavalcade and we were second in line behind an old roller (RR) that is.

 Check this out…